A sneaky peak….

A sneak preview…..

Talk about complete madness…….. in the midst of freezing cold temperatures and snow we braved the outside elements to do a Summer photoshoot.

Yes, you did read that correctly!

Summer photos in the midst of winter are not easy….

Especially when it snows.

There was much sweeping and salt used to get rid of the obvious telltale signs of winter. Plus a number of blowheaters aimed at Becca, our model. How she managed to look warm was beyond the rest of us who were completely decked out in full winter regalia.

So here's a little sneak preview…… of what is to come in our summer range..

becca in skirt and top

(Becca our size 14 model in a white silk chiffon top with lace inserts and grey silk linen skirt with button and cross stitch trim.)

We have lots of glorious florals and bright patterns made into dresses, skirts and tops,  but  you will have to be a little more patient to see them…will give you a sneak preview when the editors have finished reworking the photos.

I have to show you a photo of our brilliant photographer Nikki Williams. Obviously she is used to being on the other side of the camera so it took some persuasion to let me take this one of her. I think she looks fab – especially in that cute hat!!!


Nikki, our photographer, in her full winter gear!

Check out Nikki's  website at:    www.nikkiwilliamsimages.com

 This spring I have designed a shapely version of the "must have"  classic white cotton shirt. The details are fabulous – full cuffs and collars to look like a man's work shirt plus some subtle darting in at the waist to give great shape and line.

The shirt is long and can be worn with  just leggings, or great with jeans or a skirt….

Here's a preview of it.

becca in white shirt

Keep an eye out  for  more previews of our summer range….we have all sorts of exciting pieces coming out soon – VERY EXCITING !

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