December, 2010

Christmas Frivolities

Mon, 27th Dec 2010     



Christmas Frivolities……




( Buttons and Bertie, obviously not overly impressed with the whole idea of dressing up for Christmas! Have to say though, they were far more enthusiastic about the celebrations once they discovered they had bones hidden underneath the tree.)



Oh what a joyous Christmas we had, with family, friends, babies and dogs all mixed up in a day of frivolity and fun. Gifts were unwrapped with great pleasure, a feast was devoured with much drink and hilarity,laughter and chatter. Giggling and gossip filled the house, until exhausted we collapsed by the fire to sing raucous renditions of old songs accompanied by my horrendous guitar playing!

Was a bit of a day I must say!

How splendid to be able to spend a whole day relaxing and celebrating with special people……

Hope you had a great day as well!!



( Bertie singing along with great gusto! )

Let the Modelling begin!

Tue, 14th Dec 2010     










and the models are ready……




Dec 1st, 2010 saw Carolyn de la Drapiere take part in a wonderful evening of frivolity, entertainment and networking at the annual Christmas event of a large organisation of business women based in London.

What a ball we all had, for despite the intrepid weather conditions outside and the fact that some of our models were unable to make the show due to snow, the heat was up and sizzling when 13 fabulous business women took to the catwalk to show off a selection of outfits and dresses from my latest collection.




Krissy Lee, looking stunning in a bespoke silk, 1950's style dress.




Tanja Gower looking super sexy in a stunning shot blue silk top and sequinned dress.





The vivacious, curvaceous Jo King, looking divine in the 'Louis the 14th' crushed red velvet jacket and leopard print dress.




Krissy Lee looking luscious in the Mad Ruffles top.





The gorgeous Cally Griffiths looking the picture of elegance in the "Marie Antionette"  jacket and bespoke sequinned skirt.




Heidi Grant looking gorgeous and glamorous in the blue silk dress, with purple shot silk edging- "Feisty Temptations."




The lovely Irit Herzenshtein in the Anna Karenina coat and  the made to measure 'Regal Rapsidy ' – a picture of elegance!





The very pretty Claire Louise in the made to measure, ' Moments in Time'  stunning silk swirly dress.





The beautiful Ola in the gold organza 'Madam Butterfly' Jacket, with Hazlit's Humour skirt and sequinned top.




The fiesty Paula looking absolutely ravishing in the "Midnight Manoeuvres" Dress




The very serene Anna looking sumptuous in our Regal Rendezvous top with sequinned skirt




Krissy Lee in the to die for ' Femme Fatale ' dress.




The models were simply divine, and the really special part was that they are all successful, professional woman who run their own businesses or have thriving careers in a wide spectrum of industries. Ranging from accountants, city bankers, doctors, IT specialists, lawyers, and a minister, to women who have their own alternative therapy practises and others who have schools specialising in sewing, hat making and burlesque dance.




A glamorous group of ladies…all looking divine –

(Sorry we missed some of you in the photos! I think the temptation to start dancing was too great and you missed the photoshoot!)


What an inspiring group of women and how fabulous they looked in the clothes!


 Thanks so much to everyone that helped out to make the fashion show a success. As with any event of this nature, the work load is immense, but well worth the effort!



(Me,collapsed against the trolley of clothes! Well,I did arrive at the hotel with three massive suitcases and 25 suitbags. It must have looked like I was arriving on an extended holiday – if only!)

Photos were taken by the very talented Helen Jermyn, who did a fantastic job at capturing the essence of the night.

To check out her work in detail please go to

 Thanks Helen for the great pics!!




 I leave you with a few parting best wishes from the models………



Blowing kisses….. Anna and Heidi.




And a very wicked wink from the sexy Jo !

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