I’m Yours Babe


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I’m Yours Babe

A soft flowing top in the lightest of silk chiffons is perfect for a warm summer evening, or a special day time event. With glorious colours, this top is flattering and falls ever so softly over the body for a light floaty cover.

The fabric is see through, so a camisole may be needed if a more solid look is desired.


Dry Clean only


Made from 100% silk

Outfits made to order

Some outfits (see each description) are made to order – no refund or exchange is available. We recommend you send us your exact measurements plus hem and sleeve lengths to ensure a perfect fit.

If you are unsure and would like to try before you purchase, please email and make a time to pop into our studio for a fitting! And ladies, don’t be shy, we have a constant stream of customers coming in with no obligation to ever buy!


Most of our outfits are available in a lot of different colours and fabrics.

For any kind of change you’d like to have in your outfit, you can just email us:



Made in London

We use just the finest and luxurious fabrics and most of them are from Italy and France.

All outfits are made in our studio in Barnes (London – UK) by our talented team of dressmakers.