Beauty Pageant 2012.

The Miss


International Beauty

Pageant 2012.


(Champagne on ice and ready to go!)

There is nothing like the spiciness of life – when a single day can bring a contrasting variety of activities that can take you from one extreme to another.

Saturday the 10th of November was one of those days.

The day started in a rather mirky, drizzly manner – but not to be put off by a bit of wet weather, I was up early with my two dogs for an energetic walk through the woods. Donned in full wet weather gear, complete with wellies and a warm woolly beanie pulled over my blonde locks, we took off along the muddy tracks through the woods for a romp in the rain. The dogs were in fine form with their ears flapping and tails wagging as they chased the odd squirrel and bounded around after each other amongst the sodden autumn leaves. Oh there is nothing like being out in the great outdoors! Feeling in good spirits myself, I couldn't help singing an old English song I had recently heard for the first time – 'Run Rabbit Run' – except I changed it to Run Squirrel Run – not that the dogs had any chance of catching one!


The day ended in distinct contrast to the mud covered start to the day, for I found myself in the luxurious surrounds of the Marriot Hotel in London at the very prestigious and totally glamorous finals of the 'Miss Big Beautiful Women International Beauty Pageant.'

'A competition where plus size women and their admirers can come together to celebrate the beauty of size in a non-judgemental environment, and show that some of us do actually appreciate our curves!

Bravo I say !!!


(I sneaked out of the dressing room, where I spent the evening, to snoop on proceedings and was snapped by the press board – looking a little disheveled and not up to the standard, let me say, of the glamour that was swanning around in the ballroom!)

Seventeen beautiful women competed for the title in three different categories – casual wear, swim wear and evening wear. I was privileged to dress the very stunning Cleo Peacock who had approached me some time before hand to ask whether I would sponsor her by providing her with some outfits for the evening.


(Cleo looking gorgeous)

More than happy to take part, I made two gorgeous outfits for her and then acted the part of her dresser for the night, enjoying the fun and atmosphere of the buzzy dressing room rather than seeing the actual show from the audience. What a night we had with quick clothes changes then a great deal of sitting around, gossiping, waiting, more gossiping and then more rapid changes between scenes.


(Cleo ready for the beach wear scene – wearing a fabulous leopard print kaftan we designed and made especially for her. A very popular outfit with many an enquiry as to how to get one! Think we'll be making them next summer as the orders have started coming in.)

As there were signs everywhere that said 'No Photography allowed' I only have a few hazy pics that I can show you as I sneakily took a few photos without a flash. Let's just hope we can get some fab professional pics soon!


(Cleo in a stunning green evening gown designed and made especially for the big night. – in this pic it strangely looks blue?!  Featuring a fabulous low neckline and flattering chiffon overlay.)

The show was presented by the lovely Alison Hammond who with her quick wit and fiery personality had the audience laughing throughout the night! (Yes, I did manage to sneak into the ballroom on a couple of occasions for a little peep at the goings on!) Olivia Campbell – one of my previous gorgeous models was also on hand interviewing contestants for a television crew who filmed the event.


(Olivia Campbell looking amazing as always)

Fabia Cerra – from 'Britain's Got Talent' – wowed the audience with a very raunchy number indeed – twirling those nipple tassels certainly caused a stir. I caught her back stage looking radiant!


(The very daring Fabia – and my goodness can she twirl those tassels!)

Annaleigh Koch performed with much gusto and brought the house down – caught here on camera with one of the gorgeous men that were accompanying the contestants on stage.


(Anna Koch)

We all had a fabulous evening and well done to Cleo for doing so well!


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Fabia Cerra

Miss BBW International 2012 was certainly the event of the year for me. When I asked by the Founder Linda Koch of Miss BBW International & Big Girls Paradise Clubs to perform at this event on 10th November I jumped at the chance! What a previlige to be surrounded by such Big, Beautiful Women of all shapes & sizes! Being back stage, I wished them good luck & could see all the months of hard work & thought each lady had put into the Grand Final Pageant.  why not apply now all you BBWs out there.


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