Christmas Frivolities

Christmas Frivolities……


( Buttons and Bertie, obviously not overly impressed with the whole idea of dressing up for Christmas! Have to say though, they were far more enthusiastic about the celebrations once they discovered they had bones hidden underneath the tree.)

Oh what a joyous Christmas we had, with family, friends, babies and dogs all mixed up in a day of frivolity and fun. Gifts were unwrapped with great pleasure, a feast was devoured with much drink and hilarity,laughter and chatter. Giggling and gossip filled the house, until exhausted we collapsed by the fire to sing raucous renditions of old songs accompanied by my horrendous guitar playing!

Was a bit of a day I must say!

How splendid to be able to spend a whole day relaxing and celebrating with special people……

Hope you had a great day as well!!


( Bertie singing along with great gusto! )

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