Curvaceous Wonders…

Curves are in Vogue.

Would you believe it? It is all very official apparently,

Curves are fashionable.

We have reason to smile !!


Nearly every day in the last couple of weeks, I have opened the paper to find another article extolling the virtues of big breasts and rounded hips.

I guess it is because London Fashion Week has been upon us, with 100's of fashionistas flocking to the capital to check out what we will all be wearing next Spring/Summer. Much talk has surrounded the topic of whether plus size models should be allowed on catwalks.

New York shocked the fashion industry by having an entire catwalk show with size 16 models. It was unprecedented and yet why? Over half the women in the western world are actually a size 16 and above.


(Yoka size 18 – modelling 'Josephine Darling" Appliqued top)

In the last 10-15yrs the fashion world has become super thin. This has spread to all facets of life, with the pressure to being stick like taking over women in the public eye. Hollywood stars are expected to be thinner than ever before, with size 0 the prized size. Opera singers can no longer have a little flesh on them, which incidently, I have on good authority, is leading to voices that lack the power and strength of singers of bygone days. Anyone on television must be minuscule in order to remain on our screens and all this leads to every day people feeling the pressure to starve themselves to retain a figure which may not be healthy or in fact retainable, without vast amounts of angst.

Somewhere there must be sense, where normal size people can feel comfortable in their own bodies without feeling pressurized to be tiny.

The argument from the other side of the debate should be considered to make my comments fair. In that obesity is a modern day problem and should not be encouraged.

Is having normal size women, however, on a catwalk really contributing to health problems that do plague some people?


(Becca in "Wild thing Top"  the must have animal print of the winter 2010 season)

Personally, I feel the super skinny culture is contributing to a general feeling of inadequacy in many young girls and women across the western world. The desire to look like people in the media, be it television, or magazines can become an overwhelming obsession that in all reality should not exist, for in truth many of the images we are viewing are not even an honest depiction of a person at all.

Let me give you a small insight into a magazine image as we see it, of a cover girl or model.

Hours of work, literally would have been spent on the person's hair and make up…getting everything perfect. Maybe hair extensions were added for extra body, length and voluptuousness and goodness knows how much hairspray. False eyelashes are painstakingly attached, make-up is applied from a professional who treats the face as a canvas on which to paint a 'look'. These people are artists, experts in their field. This whole preparation process can take 4-6hours or more.


(An impressive array of make up brushes)

The photographs are taken, not just 15mins of snaps, oh no, hour after hour of photos are taken, by professional photographers that use lighting and special effects, filters, careful techniques and goodness knows what tricks to get the perfect shot.

Finally, out of hundreds of shots, just one photograph is chosen.

The photo editors then move in and spend another eternity, maybe days, minutely fixing that face and body. Bits are shaved off here and there, legs are made to look thinner, cellulite is eradicated,…..the shape of the person is altered to look perfect, skin is smoothed to a beautiful level of softness, spots and blemishes are removed and clothes can be cut and reshaped to hang perfectly.

All in all, hours, days even are used to get the whole look perfect. How can a real person ever compete?

We don't have teams of people working on us,to get that perfect look. Most of us don't have personal trainers, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, make-up artists working on us on a daily basis.


(Touch ups to the hair!)

We spend what time we can in our busy lives to do the best we can, but then get on with our lives.

After dressing and talking to so many women about their bodies,it seems important to say……. lighten up about the whole body image myth of perfection, it doesn't exist. Enjoy life as it is, enjoy your curves, enjoy all the great things that come with friends, families and partners – they probably don't notice all your niggling worries. And importantly dress with confidence and style regardless of your age and shape. Try to be confident with who you are and make the most of all those good bits you have!


(Rebecca our shapely and gorgeous size 16 model)

I know some of you are thinking it is impossible.


It is hard sometimes, tough in fact,

I know….for I would swap my body for Elle Macpherson's any day !

Mine has more bumps and lumps than is generally considered acceptable, and there are bits I heartily wish would magically disappear overnight, but hey, it's not going to happen and life, quite frankly is so short and so full of exciting things that I'm just getting on with it and doing my best with the body I find myself in!

(yes, I am giving myself a bit of a pep talk as I write!)

So remember,

Curves are in vogue, celebrate in style and enjoy being seen in some shapely new styles!

And most of all



Live !

p.s. O.k…..So I'll admit it, a few of the photos of me on this site have had wrinkles removed and bumps taken out….if the chance comes along for a bit of airbrushing….who can resist?

Certainly not me!!!!!

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