Photo Shoot Febuary 2011

A sneaky peak…

..on location of a photoshoot.

What a fabulous and fun yet exhausting few days we had this week on location at our latest photoshoot.

Thought I would share some of my amateur pics with you for a sneak preview.


(Krissy looking divine in the popular Marie Antoniette Jacket, this season in navy and teamed with our new white linen trousers.)

Despite the drizzle and dreary weather our photographer, Nikki Williams, snapped hundreds of shots hoping to get those perfect few to best show off our new collection of  'Event Wear'.


(Yes, photographing from amongst the shrubbery adds a certain pizzazz to the photos!!!!)

Sue Lamont a very glitzy interior decorator, kindly let us use her magnificent home, The Organ Factory, as a wonderful backdrop for this new collection. Her conservatory with its original tree furniture was certainly splendid!


(A view of the conservatory)

Jenna-on-double-chair Jenna-posing-by-chair

(Jenna, one of the crew, doing a little posing on the tree chairs!)

It always makes me smile when people mention the glitz and glamour that must surround a photoshoot – beautiful models with gorgeous clothes – well yes, of course we had both those components.


  The "Shaken, Not Stirred" wrap over dress.

(In real life this dress is heavenly – sadly, my photo does it no justice at all!)

What is not so obvious about photoshoots, is the long hours/days of standing about, the endless clothes changes with jewellery, shoes and accessories being swapped and changed then swapped and changed all over again until just right. Also, dozens of make-up and hair retouch ups – for the lips, ladies, have got to look right – not to mention of course the eyes and oh yes, the hair!! And then the photographer and her crew getting a shot right with correct lighting, positioning, effects, assistance of people holding ladders, light reflectors, umbrellas etc etc. All a very, very lengthy process.


( Camera crew positioning for a shot )


Oh it is all such a rigmarole – so time consuming and tiring but then so exhilarating when it all comes together and works!


( Krissy looking ravishing in purple )

At the end of the shoot we all flopped, especially Krissy our model, who had worn some amazing high heels for endless hours without even one grimace!


( Krissy, still smiling after a long day – Well done – you looked gorgeous! )

Now we wait for the photos to be edited and worked on. This really is the exciting bit – what will they look like?

Keep an eye out for some mouthwatering dresses, jackets, trousers and gorgeous silk chiffon tops – all ready to bounce you, with much flourish, into spring!

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