Underwear : the hidden secret!

Underwear, the hidden secret!


(Arabella Bra and Knickers- available from Beautiful Bras)

What we wear underneath the outer layer of our clothes tends to be a secret most of us don't share with the rest of the world…..

Be it a secret passion for hot, saucy bra and knicker sets.


Comfy cotton Marks and Spencer's everyday range.


Mismatched underwear– the “whatever comes out of the drawer first” look.


Or you may be into full corsets, basques, waspies or suspenders…..

The thing is ladies…… that whatever your preference may be, what you wear underneath your clothes, makes a HUGE, GINORMOUS difference to how you look on the outside, to how your clothes hang over your body and indeed to whether they fit properly.

Wear a bra that doesn't fit right and you could be sagging, bagging and hanging out all over the place.

Wear the right bra and you look pert, encased and together !


(Maia Bra and Knickers – Available from Beautiful Bras)

There is no doubt about that the fact that be you small or large busted… wearing the the right bra is essential to getting a look right, for bosoms have the habit of having a life of their own if they are not encased adequately!

And believe me ladies, I know. One, because I have worn the wrong underwear myself with all sorts of catastrophic results, and secondly, because I fit women regularly for clothes and can see the difference immediately when the wrong size bra is being worn.

Truthfully, a woman looks much better, more elegant and sophisticated with a bra style that is especially chosen for the overall look of an outfit. The styles and types are endless, so choose carefully. These days the construction of a bra has almost become a science so complex are they in structure. It is essential to have a full range on hand for different outfits.A good selection would include styles in the following : – balconette, plunge, padded, push up, half cups, full cups, t-shirt bra, not to mention strapless, non wired, longline and invisible and adhesive styles.

Not everyone of course can wear bras in all these styles. Goodness, if I tried to wear an adhesive bra the results would be more suitable for a bad comedy than a serious case of actually holding things together. So consider carefully and buy wisely!


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Beverly Webb from Beautiful Bras. She has an amazing source of knowledge on all things to do with bras, not only for large busted women, but also smaller bosomed ladies and those who have had mastectomies. To be fitted regularly is of importance as our bodies change shape and styles, makes and sizes of bras differ greatly between each other. You may be a size 36F in one brand but be a 34G in another.

She expertly fitted me for a bra and suggested I wear a back size smaller than the current size I was wearing, for not only is it important to get the cup size right, but also the right back size. They both matter greatly in giving the right support.

 Beverly has herself been a bra fitting model and has years of experience fitting women. She will come to you with a full range of bras  if you would like to be fitted in the privacy of your own home, or will fit you at her studio.

For a detailed guide on how to contact Beverly and to get the correct fit, check out Beautiful Bras on



(Caitlyn Bra and Knickers – Available from Beautiful Bras)

You will find excellent measuring tips and stunning bras to buy on her website as well.

And whilst we are discussing underwear, we really should discuss Knickers.

An even more touchy topic than bras, but just as important.

There is nothing worse than knickers showing at the top of jeans when you bend over, or visibly seen under a tight pair of trousers. Or worse still, a brightly coloured pair of knickers that are visible through a piece of clothing.

So the whole knicker saga needs to be thought about, along with the bra drama!!

We really can't finish this little spiel without a bit about the wonderful shapewear which is now available. The choices are huge and no longer do we woman need to feel like we are being trapped into an elasticated bandage to get a little shape and control happening.

Personally, I like the shapewear by Gok the most, but spanx have some wonderful shapely knickers and Susanna and Trinny do a great range as well.

Take the time to check it all out, find something that feels comfortable and enhances your shape, for really ladies, it does make all the difference, the hidden secrets that lie beneath your clothes!


Arabella Bra – Beautiful Bras

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