About Carolyn

“Why should any woman have to sacrifice her individuality just because she’s not a size eight? I’m drawn to clothes that reflect my personality and suit my lifestyle, and I know I’m not the only one. Real women have been invisible for long enough.”

Carolyn de la Drapiere


Carolyn Draper was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. She lived in the US before settling in London in the mid 1990’s. Carolyn has taught history and drama, directed plays and appeared in the odd production herself. She has also built up her own successful management company, which thrives to this day. In search of a fresh creative challenge, Carolyn identified a gap in the market for a shapely new line of women’s wear that celebrates curves with style and flair. Having been every size from 0 to 24 and now happily settled somewhere in the middle, Carolyn has long appreciated the difficulty of finding chic and unique clothing designed with real women’s bodies in mind.

It was for this reason and due to her love of textiles, design and detailed clothing that Carolyn gathered a team around her to make the dream of her own label come true. Untrained as far as a formal design school, Carolyn learnt to sew and design at an early age by her mother who is a talented seamstress and dressmaker. From the age of 13 onwards she made her own clothes, plus garments for friends and family who all loved her creative and detailed designs.

Inspiration for Carolyn comes from a myriad of sources including her m other’s sewing creativity, which influenced her greatly throughout her childhood, plus Carolyn’s deep interest in history and passion for travel. Exploring antique and vintage stores throughout Europe has long been a favourite pastime, and one that has afforded her a cornucopia of stylistic references in starting her own label. It is therefore with great joy that old pieces of lace, ribbon and trims that have been found in vintage fairs, antique shops and market stalls are incorporated into her designs.

Her greatest ‘detail’ passion however is for buttons. This is obvious in many of her designs as there are double rows of buttons on shirts, clusters of buttons on skirts and wonderful feature buttons on jackets. Such is Carolyn’s love for buttons that she even named her adorable, scruffy black dog “Buttons”!

And so with her eye for fabulous fabrics, quirky details, not to mention precise and beautiful inside finishing, Carolyn de la Drapiere clothes are special and truly unique.

“My Mum and I would like to thank you for making us feel so special for my sister’s wedding. We enjoyed all the fittings, choosing the silk and the colours and ending up with dresses that just looked so lovely on both of us. We were both so happy and will look forward to seeing you again. My brother is getting married next year, so keep an eye out for us then. ”

Margaret.  Guilford.

Our philosophy

We believe that everyone needs the opportunity to express their individuality and to dress in a way that says, ‘this is who I am’, for how we dress helps shapes our identity and defines to others who we are. Carolyn de la Drapiere aims to make clothes that are truly unique and flattering. Each item is carefully considered and designed, for we understand that it is essential to structure shapes that will enhance, emphasise and show to advantage the curvy parts of the body that we want to be proud of and subtly cover the the more problem areas.

We want curvaceous women to feel fabulous, confident and glamorous. To this end we have made lots of flattering ‘v’ necklines that show off a wonderful cleavage. Plus we have given shaping that cleverly defines the waist and bust area. We have also included sleeves in the majority of designs as we know this is important to many women. We have endeavoured to make our clothes shapely, stylish and most of all original and fun to wear. With our beautiful fabrics and wonderful shapes we therefore offer a small collection that is bursting with freshness, glamour and creativity.

So please, enjoy and find something that you love. Wear it with confidence and pride. And remember, all clothes are just a starting point. Be creative – add bits here and there, alter them to your hearts desire, dress them up, dress them down, have fun and make them your own. Remember – make the clothes work for you and most of all enjoy wearing them.