Autumn Photoshoot 2011

A Photoshoot….

with a twist of drama!


 Kate, Maddy and Krissy – our three glamorous models

What do you get when you have a country hotel, three beautiful models, a photographer and camera crew, a make up artist, hair stylist, dressers and me?

Well, you get a mystery of course !

A mystery of the most intriguing proportions.

Last week we, as in all of the above, embarked on an adventure that turned out to be far more exciting – or not as the case may be – than any of us bargained for.

In high spirits we set off for our winter photo shoot at a gorgeous country hotel in the middle of the Kent country side. Little did we know that we were landing in a slightly   'Fawlty Towers' like establishment with a butler named Manual (though ours was tall and thin), a barman named Enzo, who promptly fell in love with Kate – our new blonde model, plus an assortment of strange guests and odd characters lurking around the library and drawing room and the mysterious circumstances of a death that brought our photo shoot to a halt. Curtains were drawn, police circulated and an eerie silence fell upon the place.

A mystery had enveloped us!

Shut in a boardroom that we had set up as our 'dressing room' and 'make-up head quarters' we wondered what was going on around us.

Left in our chaotic room piled full of clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up and hair equipment, we could only ponder and guess at the drama unfolding within the hotel.


I will leave you with the mystery!!

(Though rumours were rife that an eighty five year old man on his honeymoon had collapsed with excitement !)

The photo shoot was a great success and the pictures are gorgeous! Thanks to all the fabulous team.


Kerry our brilliant photographer snapped on the old wooden bridge surrounded by water lillies. It was such a beautiful location!

Here is a little sneak preview of some of the new season's dresses and outfits and an introduction to our three fabulous models.


The gorgeous Krissy who is always so graceful and elegant… her serenity and poise is second to none. Her cool, calm manner keeps us all composed and on track – well most of the time!


Krissy in a Royal Blue Kimono top.


Krissy looking gorgeous in one of our new jackets.


The funny, crazy Krissy mucking about !


And the long process of hair and make up!


The beautiful Madeleine attributes her fabulous legs to her mother's genes. So thanks Brenda for giving Maddy her legs!


Maddy's mad sense of humour had us laughing continuously and her desire to get married is an ongoing saga that has kept us intrigued for three photoshoots now…. Really, we all think it is time her darling fireman proposed !


Maddy in the regal ruby Kimono top.


And in luscious royal blue….


Maddy and Lorraine having a laugh – which was usually all the time!!


And the stunning Kate – with the two adorable dimples. Kate joined us for the first time and looked amazing in everything we put on her.


Kate and her cheeky dimples.


In Emerald green with our new luxurious velvet skirt.


Kate with her serious look – in the blue embroidered swing jacket.

With three fiesty women all dressed up having to be serious for hours on end in front of a camera,  and their bossy designer running around trying to make sure they are posing to advantage and that the location is perfect for each outfit, fits of giggles and hilarity rapidly became the hallmark of the days. There was continuous laughter – our photoshoots are always great fun.

This is really what most of the shoot is like – no-one can keep a straight face!


The jokes start – usually with Madeleine……


Yes, she really is poking out her tongue at the photographer!


And it goes from bad to worse….. pulling faces, tongues out, stupid smiles…it's a wonder we got anything serious out of these girls!


And then the hysterics take over…and literally none of them can be serious any longer……

I have to add a photo here of the barman, who needed the aid of a box so vertically challenged was he, to raise his eye level above that of Kate's chest. All those longing looks he was giving her had us in stitches…..


And ladies – just so that you know it is not all glamour and that you too can look like this – here is a before shot!


Kate, Krissy, Jodie and Maddy… indulging in lunch! – Yes, our models eat !

I will leave you with my favourite photograph from the entire photoshoot.


Madeleine in our sumptuous black lace dress covered with tiny sequins – simply divine !

The full winter range of clothes will be available on line soon…….

Keep an eye out for the most mouthwatering collection yet !

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