The Argentine Tango

Oh for the love of Tango! Well girls…. I think I have found another 'gap' in the market! There is simply no where to buy dresses to tango in. Or as I have been told by many of my customers – to jive in, waltz in, or for that matter do the salsa in! Maybe… Read more »

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Ladies, I hope you have all had a wonderful day, and have been spoilt rotten with flowers and chocolates and were, of course, impeccably dressed in clothes that reflected the mood of the occasion. (As in the jacket below!) We can dream of such delights!! ( Vintage designer jacket spotted at Vintage… Read more »

Glamour days are here…

 Glamorous days!! One of my pet topics when it comes to women and fashion in the 2000's is the general lack of glamour and classical elegance displayed in the way we dress these days. Walk down Oxford street on a busy week day and what is the overwhelming feeling one gets as they watch hundreds… Read more »

Underwear : the hidden secret!

Underwear, the hidden secret! (Arabella Bra and Knickers- available from Beautiful Bras) What we wear underneath the outer layer of our clothes tends to be a secret most of us don't share with the rest of the world….. Be it a secret passion for hot, saucy bra and knicker sets. Or Comfy cotton Marks and… Read more »

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes….By Nicolina

Shoes glorious shoes…….. O.k….. here comes a confession! I love shoes. Am mad about them in fact. Shoes of all colours, shapes and styles, but particularly shoes that are quirky, individual and have an air of originality about them. There is nothing I love more than discovering a new shoe shop somewhere in the world,  … Read more »

The sequin Party…..

LOTS OF GLITZ AND GLAMOUR…….. Ooh la la…the sequins shimmied and shone last night at a party I attended in Knightsbridge. I have never seen so many sexy little outfits glittering around a bar as were worn by the girls on Friday night. Let me tell you all about them. Gold and Silver sequins were… Read more »

These are a few of my favourite things….

A brilliant Way to Start the Year……. “Make a list of all your favourite places, activities, people, food, clothes, shoes and things……… …..and make 2010 a year to enjoy them……..” I read this in an advice column in a paper on New Years day. So okay, I forgot about making the list and just took… Read more »

Christmas Party Dilemmas……

CHRISTMAS PARTY DILEMNAS …. WHAT TO WEAR  ? HELP ….. You have a wardrobe simply bursting full of clothes. The door doesn't even shut for goodness sake and yet simply nothing in there feels right to wear to 'The' party tonight. You have nothing, nothing out of all those assorted garments to just ' slip… Read more »