Yearly Archives: 2009

In the Company of the Courtesan

A Christmas gift and a few afternoons by the fire reading! “In The Company of the Courtesan.”                                                                 by Sarah Dunant                             Have you read it ? A novel set in Venice 1527.                  … Read more »

Christmas Party Dilemmas……

CHRISTMAS PARTY DILEMNAS …. WHAT TO WEAR  ? HELP ….. You have a wardrobe simply bursting full of clothes. The door doesn't even shut for goodness sake and yet simply nothing in there feels right to wear to 'The' party tonight. You have nothing, nothing out of all those assorted garments to just ' slip… Read more »

My Night with Il Divo

MY NIGHT WITH IL DIVO O.K. I will admit it. I wasn't alone when I saw the lovely boys…. in fact I was with a number of other thousand enthusiastic women who were also at the Hammersmith Apollo in London to see what can only be described as the ' boy band for middle aged… Read more »