My Night with Il Divo


O.K. I will admit it.

I wasn't alone when I saw the lovely boys…. in fact I was with a number of other thousand enthusiastic women who were also at the Hammersmith Apollo in London to see what can only be described as the ' boy band for middle aged girls.'

And girls they were…………

Screaming, yelling and cheering the gorgeous quartet on throughout their sublime concert. The fairy lights on stage set the scene for a very magical festive concert of Christmas carols and other seasonal pieces.

And the girls were dressed to the nines. It was as if each and every one of the ladies in attendance were ready for a private date with their favourite band member.

I checked them out in detail….the girls that is, not the boys!

(Well, I did check them out as well, I'll admit)

As usual there was a queue a mile long to get to the loo so one has time to check out what everyone else is wearing.

(Ah…maybe that is why they put so few loos into theatres the ladies have to queue for the entire intermission giving them time to check out the trends of all the other theatre goers)

So what did I see……

To be honest, tonnes of black. It was certainly the colour of the night… but I have to say it looked good. Ranging from little black slinky dresses to black trousers and silk flowing tops the girls did it well. There were plenty of sequins, not to mention statement pieces of jewelery with black velvet jackets and lots of gold or red accented in scarves or tops lurking under gorgeous little cardigans.

And to be honest, I had a sneaking suspicion that most of the girls had been to the hairdresser to get their hair done for the big night out. Everyone looked so good.

Well, I mean to say, the very gorgeous Carlos did kiss a lucky girl under a piece of mistletoe, so one had to be prepared that it may be them that got that lucky peck on the cheek!

And I should really mention the clouds of perfume that wafted through the Apollo. I doubt the place has ever smelt so heavenly.

So whilst the audience looked like they had just all stepped off the catwalk; glamorous, elegant and refined, it is a shame that I can't quite speak so highly of the behaviour that ensured. I mean honestly……someone threw a bra on stage!

I guess you want to know who my favourite Il Divo is ?

Well that would be telling wouldn't it!

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