Dressing for Spring

Dressing For Spring.    (What to wear to a party?) Went to a very chic party on the weekend – talk about a fab event with the girls dressed to the nines and the boys looking smashingly handsome. I spent a lot of time secretly checking out all the girls’ gorgeous outfits. What a mixture… Read more »

Let the Modelling begin!

Lights, Cameras, Action and the models are ready…… Dec 1st, 2010 saw Carolyn de la Drapiere take part in a wonderful evening of frivolity, entertainment and networking at the annual Christmas event of a large organisation of business women based in London. What a ball we all had, for despite the intrepid weather conditions outside… Read more »

Glamour days are here…

 Glamorous days!! One of my pet topics when it comes to women and fashion in the 2000's is the general lack of glamour and classical elegance displayed in the way we dress these days. Walk down Oxford street on a busy week day and what is the overwhelming feeling one gets as they watch hundreds… Read more »

Curvaceous Wonders…

Curves are in Vogue. Would you believe it? It is all very official apparently, Curves are fashionable. We have reason to smile !! Nearly every day in the last couple of weeks, I have opened the paper to find another article extolling the virtues of big breasts and rounded hips. I guess it is because… Read more »

Crystal Palace Photoshoot

Crystal Palace Photoshoot Oh what a fun weekend we have had photographing a new collection of dresses and outfits that will be featuring in our boutique in the next couple of weeks. I thought I would be rather naughty and give you a sneak preview from behind the scenes, plus some wonderfully mad moments when… Read more »

Summer, where hast thou gone?

The last rays of summer……… Where has summer gone ? That humid heat that sizzled us all for a few wonderful weeks in June and July has long since faded…. the air has changed and Autumn can almost be felt. The Summer has been filled with some of the most marvelous times. Laughter, happiness, fun,… Read more »

Ascot Fashion Sale

Ascot Fashion Sale. Where does one start, in describing what can only be described as a very exhilarating and exhausting weekend selling clothes at the Ascot Fashion Sale? At the beginning, I guess! Carolyn de la Drapiere participated in their first fashion sale with a wide selection of stock and samples, plus one off pieces…. Read more »

Happy Easter

Happy Easter ! Is it ever, ever going to get warm? We seem to be knee high in mud and the rain keeps coming, but the daffodils are out! And when they show their bright happy faces the warm weather must be on its way surely. But then again, maybe not. Maybe it is not… Read more »

London Vintage Textile Fair

A Treasure Trove of Vintage Clothes……. Shut your eyes for one moment and imagine you are in a room full of wonderful treasures from days gone by. * A black satin evening bag, lined in a gorgeous pink silk, intact with mirror and compact, that once graced the arm of a young lady off to… Read more »

Time away….

A week to plot and plan! Oh what joy to escape London for a short working holiday by the seaside. Needing some fresh sea air and some inspiration I packed my two dogs up and a case full of sketch books, magazines, fabric swatches not to mention samples of buttons, lace and ribbons and disappeared… Read more »