Summer, where hast thou gone?

The last rays of summer……...

Where has summer gone ? That humid heat that sizzled us all for a few wonderful weeks in June and July has long since faded…. the air has changed and Autumn can almost be felt.

The Summer has been filled with some of the most marvelous times. Laughter, happiness, fun, great company, wonderful events and parties have abounded, but it has also had moments of sadness. With laughter there have been tears and with happiness there has been sorrow. Life brings the bad with the good when we least expect it. Never to stay the same we move with life as it changes this way and that and somehow we come out of it all with more wisdom and hopefully a smile still on our face!


( Hanging out with the dogs during the holidays!)

In the fashion world directions and fashions are changing as well…… nothing remains static.

The big news of course is that Harrods is closing its plus size department. Always in the past to be relied upon for an excellent collection of top brands it has now decided to give the space to something else.

It all seems rather strange when the high calibre U.S department stores are actually increasing their plus size departments. It is reported that Saks in New York is incorporating collections from Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood.

If you are above a size 14-16 in Britain however, buying clothes becomes even more of a difficulty. Or if you are like me, and can fit these sizes but only in some brands then you spend hours searching for them, often to be disappointed that they don't stock much variety. All a bit of a nightmare really, and who has the time?

With this in mind it is not surprising to read in the media that on line boutiques for the curvaceous lady are booming. The choice of clothing available is becoming greater and with people of all ages becoming more confident in buying over the internet the popularity of web shopping is certainly spreading.

Great for us! Sales over the summer certainly indicate news of our existence is spreading across the world, with orders coming in from all corners of the globe.

So what's in store for Autumn?

Well now….that would be telling!

Keep on eye on our site though and new lace dresses, velvet coats, wool blazers, dainty silk tops and sumptuous skirts will soon be featuring.


 Carolyn wearing one of the new Autumn Dresses.

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