Ascot Fashion Sale

Ascot Fashion Sale.

Where does one start, in describing what can only be described as a very exhilarating and exhausting weekend selling clothes at the Ascot Fashion Sale?

At the beginning, I guess!

Carolyn de la Drapiere participated in their first fashion sale with a wide selection of stock and samples, plus one off pieces. And what a sale it was. Set in the rather grand surroundings of Ascot racecourse, we met many of our regular customers who came along to pick up a good bargain, plus many new ladies who loved our selection of curvy clothes made especially for luscious curvaceous figures! (I should add that we had many disappointed women who wanted our clothes in tiny sizes – maybe one day!)


(Lisa doing a last minute check)

At times we were overwhelmed with just too many people jammed into our little space. Had we known we would have booked a space twice the size! Sorry ladies for the squeeze.

Our manikin, which caught the eye of everyone walking past and was literally the talking point up and down the aisle near our stand, was dressed in a bespoke pink and green suit with a matching pink hat courtesy of Lisa Tan, who supplied a range of hats for our stand. It amazed us how many people loved the bright pink florescent look and wanted the suit for weddings and the races. The interest was so great that I am considering making a small number of them, so do keep an eye out.


(Lisa Tan with her fabulous pink hat!)

Just hope they don't all end up at Ascot on the same day!




The weekend ended in many happy customers, three sales assistants with sore feet from standing for so long and myself rather weary from being on the go from dawn till dusk running around keeping everything sorted!



(Jenna, ready for action first thing on Friday morning!)

Thanks to all of you who popped in to see us, I really enjoyed meeting you.

We look forward to seeing you again at our next sale!


( Me be very silly, but then it was 7am in the morning, when someone snapped this shot!)

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