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Colour and Smiles

Splashes of Colour Sunshine and Smiles of Happiness!  (Kate looking stunning in a gorgeous Italian floral silk) There’s a tiny hint of spring in the air – I can feel it – that smidge of warmth in the sunshine, the longer days, the crocuses are up and looking stunning! Oh how it makes me zing… Read more »

The New Year.

– 2014 –  A blank Canvas    (What do you dream of wearing this year?)  We’re off and running again girls – it’s a New Year with hopes, dreams and plans aplenty!   We just get cosily settled into one year, then before we know it, it’s over and we find ourselves hurled into yet… Read more »

Christmas is here….

  Christmas Is Here! Ooh la la…… It’s Christmas again my dear curvy girls and if you are like me, you will all be feeling a little wilted with sheer exhaustion from too many parties, too many mince pies and altogether too much fun!  (An evening at the studio before Christmas. Had to chuckle at… Read more »

November Thrills !

November Thrills….    ( It was all too much for Buttons!) Well, well, what a riotous month November has turned out to be! Talk about a month packed to the hilt with enough surprises and excitement to last me an entire year! And what with having to pull out all our winter coats, hats, scarves… Read more »

Spring Treats

Naughty Little Pleasures! That title will make you smile – for we all have them. The little things that make us giggle and feel alive and mischievous. They are of course always slightly naughty – for on the whole, they are very indulgent and completely wicked! That hand dipped chocolate truffle from La Maison Du… Read more »

Hello to 2013

A New Year A New You A New Me! (Fireworks around the London Eye) Phew – we've all survived Christmas for another year. What a palava it is – with all the parties, the madness of last minute shopping, the excesses of too much food and alcohol and frivolity, the family dramas, the sadness of… Read more »

Buttons Meets Camilla

The Day Buttons Met Camilla – Duchess of Cornwall. Warning ladies, this is a dog blog – so if you are not partial to our furry little four legged friends, I would leave this blog here and now, before you shake your head in horror at this very trivial tale! (Buttons – My scruffy old… Read more »

The Joy of June

    The Joyous Month of June     (My prize pink and lemon striped roses.)   June just happens to be my favourite month of the year. The weather is usually hot, there are flowers bursting forth with much gusto in gardens all over the countryside, roses are in full bloom (my all time… Read more »

Vintage Fairs

Clothes in Clerkenwell, Handbags in Hammersmith, Treasures in Chelsea, Vintage Vanity !! Ladies, as you know I love Vintage…. Vintage dresses, bags, shoes, hats, gloves, lace, buckles, haberdashery and above all – jewellery. For some reason, I like things that have had a long fascinating history and that have been worn and loved before. They… Read more »

A New Year is Here….

There's Nothing like a New Year. 2012 is here…. (Fireworks over Big Ben) I like nothing more than the start of a new year. Fireworks exploding with much gusto, Champagne corks popping, ridiculous New Year resolutions being made that will never be kept, Auld Lang Syne being sung, mainly out of tune due to a… Read more »