November Thrills !

November Thrills….


DSC_1390  ( It was all too much for Buttons!)

Well, well, what a riotous month November has turned out to be! Talk about a month packed to the hilt with enough surprises and excitement to last me an entire year! And what with having to pull out all our winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves we really are well on our way to the Christmas build up that finishes the year off with such flourish and fun!

 November blog 10 2013(Ice skating at the Natural History Museum)


My first thrill of the month was capturing a photo I have never quite been able to get!

And before you think I am completely nuts let me explain!

 I  have this secret little passion for attempting to photograph London at night – when I can’t help but feel this magnificent city is at it’s prettiest. And thus it was that I got a pic I have been trying to get for years.

I attended a mad Halloween / Guy Fawkes Party in the Penthouse of New Zealand House. It is one of the little perks of being a New Zealander living in London, for the parties in the Penthouse are always great fun – lots of crazy Kiwis singing, dancing and more importantly enjoying good old New Zealand wines!

The real allure though is the view! True!

The New Zealand Embassy is in central London and has a magical, uninterrupted 360 degree view of the city. Being able to walk around the entire roof at the top of the building and peer down on London is a treat not to be missed!

Every time I have been up on that roof I have taken a series of pictures on my little camera that have never been quite right – a bit blurry or the lighting is all wrong. I am no professional, so it is all a bit hit and miss really. This time though – I came close to getting ‘The One’, so couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

 Click on it to enlarge!


 (Here’s my pic looking down on Trafalgar Square. And please, if you are a photographer, resist the temptation to tell me I need a better camera – I know and have sent a letter to Santa requesting one!!) 

Being a designer for curvy women, I always try to do my bit for Womens’ charities and especially Curvy Girl Charity events.


This past weekend therefore found me sponsoring the ‘Plus Size International Beauty Pageant’. What a hoot it was. Peels of laughter and giggles could be heard all through the dressing room, as the 20 finalists dressed and got ready for the big event. There were more fake tans and fake hair extensions flying about, not to mention cans of hairspray being emptied, than I think I have ever experienced before in one place! What fun it was as everyone had hair and make-up done – the good humour, the cheeky banter and the air of competition.



(Sian Yapp looking stunning in a fabulous fitted gown)


What a treat it was dressing six girls in evening gowns for the final round of the competition. Going with a sequin theme that is so popular this Christmas the girls sparkled and twinkled as they hit the runway!


(All looking gorgeous!)

And so it is that November is quickly making way for the Christmas festivities that are ready to start any day. I know you are partying hard this year girls, for the number of amazing dresses we have made is more than ever. Evening gowns in lace, cocktail dresses in silk and party frocks in sequins. The colours, styles and designs are stunning and I wish you all a huge amount of fun as you dazzle your way into those upcoming events! 

As for me, I’ve had a few little original outfits whipped up for myself to wear for the festive season – very exciting!

And oh yes – I’ll let you in on my next photographic aim. I have always fancied snapping London and the Thames from the middle of as many London Bridges as possible – nothing prettier than the lights reflecting on the water and the uninterrupted ethereal views – especially if there is a little magical mist about!


p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear American friends and family. I hope you have a super day celebrating with all your families! Knowing you all – I can imagine your ovens have been whirring away in overdrive with all those magnificent pies and delectables you have no doubt been conjuring up!

 And just so you don’t think I have been totally slack, I whipped up a magnificent apple pie myself on the weekend, full of sultanas, cinnamon and a few other secret ingredients -all with my own special pie crust – just to keep my hand in on the baking front!  Time perhaps we did some more recipe swaps!


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