Christmas is here….


Christmas Is Here!


Ooh la la…… It’s Christmas again my dear curvy girls and if you are like me, you will all be feeling a little wilted with sheer exhaustion from too many parties, too many mince pies and altogether too much fun!

Dec-blog-12-2013 (An evening at the studio before Christmas. Had to chuckle at Cath and Stacy behind me – looks like they are having a good old gossip?!)

How does it all come around so quickly? It seems like only yesterday that we were frolicking about in that glorious sunshine of summer and the next thing we know – the mulled wine is brewing, the days are dark before we’ve had time to digest our lunch and all the old carols are being played ad nauseum on the radio.

 dec-12-blog-2013(These lovely antique dogs at Petersham Nursuries – a fabulous place to visit before Christmas. Some dear friends and I had a giggly afternoon tea there a couple of weeks ago and were nearly locked in – so long did we stay!)

But let’s face it – we love it! We love the mad whirlwind of drinks parties with this group and that group and office do’s and Winter balls and Christmas concerts and Nativity plays and all the other palava that Christmas brings with it. I love getting together with all the girls and swapping little gifts, along with tips for Christmas lunch, gossip about the old relatives, giggles of past events and plans for the New Year.

Oh it is a fabulous time of year….. All the party frocks come out, the sky-scraper heels and fabulous coats – along with someone, of which there is always one, that has once again donned their terrible flashing Christmas earrings that drives everyone else bananas.


(Three of our starry dressmakers – Edyta, Ewa and Ingrid, surprised me by arriving at our staff Christmas party wearing identical dresses that they had secretly made! – Very nice they were too – sparkly red lurex – How I laughed!)


So frequent were the parties this year that I must admit to wearing my favourite red party dress out four nights in a row in one run of events! And to answer your questions – yes – it was washed between wearings. And no – there were not the same people at each event, so the same lot of people didn’t have to see me in it four nights in a row!

Phew- you all say!! BUT, I was so tired on the last evening, that I nearly wore it to bed!!


At Carolyn de la Drapiere, we started the festive season off with a very jovial Christmas party in the studio! With a casual invitation to drop in for drinks, we had a fabulous group of women (and a few brave men) descend on Studio 6 for a good old tipple of Prosecco and some rather delicious nibblies. Plenty of laughter abounded as we played a rather saucy game of ‘feel the fabric’ (I’ll leave you guessing as to what that entailed!!) Talk about merriment though throughout!



(Getting ready for the game!)


(Thinking carefully about answers!)


(checking out some Italian Silk – with a stunning Monet style design! – Shelagh, Debbie and Kim)


(Trying on some clothes – Tania – with Mary looking on!)

Another highlight of the social whirl was a party at the top of the Shard….. that was more of a cool, sophisticated affair – No flashing earrings to be seen at this venue! The women were all beautifully draped in silk and the men in smart suits – very nice I must say! I even managed to sneak off and snap a pic out the window of Tower bridge!


 (London Bridge from the top of the Shard)

Favourite show of the month was Slav’s Snowshow at the Royal Festival Hall…. what an original, weird, wacky performance that was. I absolutely loved it – Clowns and snow basically melded together in magical, dreamlike fusion of overwhelmingly imaginative theatre.

To quote Slava – ‘The show is one which helps spectators be released from the jail of adulthood and rediscover their forgotten childhood’

Oh if only we could all do that more often! There is nothing so wonderful as capturing that joyous childish spirit!


 (Slav’s clowns!)

And so to my top 10 favourite things about Christmas….

In no particular order for this year they are –

* Trumpets – a definite must for that Christmas Carol finale.

*Mistletoe – to kiss under of course.

*Santa hats for the really mad Christmas party.

*’In a bleak Mid Winter’- Christmas Carol – sung by a boys choir.

*Candles – beautiful scented ones.

*Family and friends all celebrating together.

*Little white fairy lights – all over trees, houses, shrubs and just everywhere.

*Big roaring fires, roast dinners and hot apple cider…….

and of course

‘The 12 days of Christmas’ sung with actions!



(The twelve ‘knits’ of Christmas in the local knitting shop!)

What are your top 10 favourite things this Christmas? I would love to hear?


I hope you have survived it all dear readers and like me you are having some time off to relax, chillout and take it easy for a few days before the New Year starts again with much gusto and kick!

And as for the red dress I wore all December – it was a very sensuous red version of ‘ Whispers of Seduction’ a totally fabulous dress to look smart in, wine and dine in, and dance the night away in! If you have one of our dresses that you just love and would like in another colour or fabric, remember you can always call and we’ll have it whipped up for you in no time!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

– From me and the clowns in Slav’s Snowshow!!


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