The New Year.

– 2014 – 

A blank Canvas 



(What do you dream of wearing this year?) 

We’re off and running again girls – it’s a New Year with hopes, dreams and plans aplenty!


We just get cosily settled into one year, then before we know it, it’s over and we find ourselves hurled into yet another new beginning with challenges abounding – new work projects starting, gorgeous new fashions to wear, new technology to master, new films to see, shows to go to and literally so many other new things that the mind buzzes with all the fabulous, wonderful prospects that life and people bring with it.

I love the new year. It has certain optimism about it. We can put behind us all the things we didn’t like about the previous year and just move on. Last year was a toughie – so I’m glad it is over and gone. This new year has a ring about it.  I’ve learnt to live in the moment and enjoy every morsel of pleasure that comes my way. Savour those minutes when one laughs at life and the world, when the people you care for most are around you, when you have the time for the glorious, heavenly little things that you just love and those moments when you can sit back, relax and feel good about the day you have just lived.


(The gorgeous colour of a January evening in Whitstable)

This morning as I walked to work, I passed a funeral at the church across the road. It made me realise once again how fast life whips by, how precious every day is and how all too quickly it is over and gone and we are under a pile of flowers, rather than happily being amongst them devouring their scent and reflecting on their vibrancy.


(The colours of summer – oh how I dream of them now!)

So how to fit it all in? This wonderful, whacky life we live.

Be a little unpredictable on the odd occasion – use your imagination to step out of the box you reside in and do something different. Be selective – with people, places and things!  Be positive and buzz with life, grab opportunities, take risks, and laugh uncontrollably, try new things, and don’t hold back on taking the good and leaving the bad.


(My proud Mum showing me off – How do we get so old so fast? Where do the years go?)

In the world of fashion what is new for 2014? Fabrics ladies – weird and wonderful fabrics – there are new ones that feel like spongy rubber and make one look at least a size bigger, others that are molded and require steam to give them shape rather than a sewing machine, others that feel a little slimy. I recently went to a fabric supplier and was somewhat surprised by the new selection on offer. I seriously thought I was looking at yoga mat fabric rather than dress fabric and something that resembled slugs rather than a sexy silk. Not to be caught in the past, however, I bought at little of each to experiment with – watch out for our Autumn / Winter collections later this year when they will make a grand entrance!


(One of the key colours for 2014 – Royal blue)

The colours to be seen everywhere this year are glorious. Blues that resemble a perfect summer sky. Oranges that burn with warmth and greens that are both light and flirty, deep and saucy! How I love them all. And then there is, as always, plenty of room for individuality and for showing your own personality for that is what most women over the age of 20 enjoy more than anything when it comes to dressing – that is being creative and dressing for themselves!

 There is always that argument – do women dress for men or for other women?

A tricky one of course, however, when pushed for an answer I always maintain that a woman, who is confident and knows her own style, dresses for no-one but herself.  What feels good on a particular day that expresses her inner personality is paramount, and then being able to pursue that style and enjoy it regardless of trends, what your friends are wearing or indeed what the world dictates you wear!


 (Our purple metallic jacket over a black silk bias cut dress – a very slinky look)

I love dressing women who have this strong sense of their own style, who know what looks fabulous on them and who enjoy showing off their feminine curves in a subtle sexy way.

What will you be wearing this year my dear curvy readers? – Have you got plans for special events that need that very special outfit? Your wedding perhaps? – The most important dress of your whole life. Or are you the mother of the bride or groom and need a truly fabulous outfit to celebrate the great day in? Maybe it is a starry charity ball, the graduation of someone dear, a christening of your darling child or grandchild or a festive celebratory party? And then of course there are the races to dress for,  flower shows, rowing regattas and any number of other things on the social calendar that all need something wonderful!


 (In the studio trying on clothes)

As for me, well, I find myself starting the New Year off with the annual New Zealand ball at the Dorchester. Ooohhh what fun it will be. A new red evening gown that hugs the curves and fits like a glove,  A gorgeous hot date that is already making my heart flutter and an evening of dancing to the best New Zealand bands in existence! (True – there are a few!)



(Tea at the Dorchester – what a treat!)

Have a super year my dear curvy readers. May it be a fabulous twelve months with lots of special times and memorable events and fun, laughter and love! 

And dresses of course – lots and lots of amazing dresses for all of us!!

 Happy New Year from me to you!

love Carolyn xx 


 (Chocolates ah la Drapiere!!)


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