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Feb Blog 9 2014

(Kate looking stunning in a gorgeous Italian floral silk)

There’s a tiny hint of spring in the air – I can feel it – that smidge of warmth in the sunshine, the longer days, the crocuses are up and looking stunning! Oh how it makes me zing with life, there’s a spring in my step and optimism reigns – it makes me feel happy!

Feb-blog-12-2014 (My favourite little local greengrocer, Two Peas in a Pod, which always look a picture of artist preciseness. Today the shop was overflowing with daffadils.)

February went by in a blur of activity. What with one thing and another it has been and gone. New fabrics galore were delivered to the studio – sumptuous, luxurious silks, fresh crisp cottons and some truly sexy patterned jerseys. The sewing machines have been whirring away non stop as we get ready to bring you the new Spring/ Summer collection 2014. And what a collection it will be. Beautiful wedding wear, glorious day wear, original holiday outfits and tops and jackets that will take you from work to evening. We have the lot!



Check out the Newspage for all the latest news on the Teddington Wedding Fair and our latest wedding wear!


(Kate in  our new 1950’s retro dress with lace collars and cuffs. This dress has nearly sold out already and hasn’t even hit our website yet)

I must introduce you to Sian, my new assistant, who many of you have already met whilst visiting the studio. Sian has a fabulous eye for clothes, loves dressing the curvy girl and is a whizz when it comes to keeping all the social media side of things going for Carolyn de la Drapiere. Personally I am not into keeping up with facebook, twitter, instagram and every other thing going – yes I know it shows my age, and I am admitting total ignorance, and I’m being a real bore, but I’m just not into it. So Sian is my new social media queen and asks that you please like us (love us!) on facebook and follow us on twitter and keep an eye on us in instagram and pin us on pinterest, not to mention keeping up with tumbir, snapchat and kik.

Quite frankly it’s just all too much for me. A bit like selfies and onesies and all the other ‘ies’ that seem to be flying around these days. I did attempt a selfie on the way to the New Zealand ball at the Dorchester earlier in February. I was told it was the done thing to do – take a selfie and tweet it. Didn’t quite get around to the tweeting as I keep forgetting how to get into my twitter account – yes, I know – completely useless. Will leave all this kind of stuff to Sian.

feb-blog-17-2014 (A gorgeous pic of Sian who is also a model)


One of the bits of excitement for February was the sensational news that one of our beautiful dresses went to dinner with President Obama at the White House. (And with President Hollande – I whisper that bit quietly!) Ms Rachel Lavine rang our studio from New York on Monday the third of February, desiring the “Dancing With You” dress in a long, floor length version, to be delivered to her in the United States by Friday the seventh of February. She sent her measurements as requested and the girls in the workroom flew into action to get the dress made. Thursday morning saw the dress carefully packaged and ready to fly overnight to Rachel. Friday morning, New York time she had the dress as requested. What fun we had making it. And even more fun was seeing the pics of her looking gorgeous at the White House attending the dinner!

I must also show you a gorgeous photo of Claire Boughton-Tucker, who wore the very same dress last year for her wedding. Claire looks equally beautiful and totally stunning in this soft, drapey creation of double silks accompanied with the matching French brocade jacket.


 (Rachel Lavine with her partner at the White House)

Feb Blog Claire - 2014

 (Claire Boughton – Tucker on her wedding day)

 Feb Blog 20 2014

(Oh how gorgeous is Claire! She looks a complete dream. )

I recently spent a truly fabulous evening chatting with a very dear friend of mine, and the conversation turned to the topic of ‘barriers’ that we as humans build up around ourselves to protect us from different aspects of life and from what I suspect is nothing short of ‘fear’. I hadn’t really contemplated it before to such a level, so was fascinating thinking about and indeed discussing what barriers we have in relation to different aspects of our life.

On a personal level us old humans have the full spectrum, from fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of rejection, fear of hurt, fear of letting go, to even crazy things which would enhance our lives, such as fear of true happiness, fear of success, fear of love and so on. All these fears mean we are creating barriers that enable us to avoid the fear, therefore determining how we behave, what decisions we make and how we live our lives.

 The day after this rather thought provoking conversation I was back at work with a lovely group of customers in the studio and it hit me that we as women have barriers in place in regards to what we wear and the clothes we choose to be seen in. Maybe it stems from a fear of looking fat, a fear of standing out too much, a fear of being seen as different, a fear of being laughed at. So the barriers go up and before we know it, there are rules we have created for ourselves in regards to our dress.


( The studio this morning – often referred to by customers as a ‘dressing up box for grown up girls! – such fun it is to try clothes on in a relaxed environment.)

Let me give you a few examples of barriers that I commonly see. ‘I wont wear dresses, only trousers. I wont wear colour, only black. I wont wear shaped clothes – only clothes that wont touch my body. I wont wear anything patterned, I wont wear this or that’ and the list goes on. 

Some of the fears are of course valid, as we do know what we look fabulous in and what looks dreadful, however sometimes dare I say it – I can’t help but think we need to risk it a bit and let the barriers go down, even a little and at least try something that may enhance our look, make us smile and our lives all the more happier for giving something a go.

And yes, whilst I don’t really have the barriers around me when it comes to clothes and how I dress, I certainly have some in regards to other aspects of my life. So since that very thought provoking conversation, I have realised it is more than time I started to let go of them. It would certainly mean that life was all the more enhanced and a greater chance of happiness possible! 

I bet you’ve all got a few as well, my dear curvy readers – We just wouldn’t be human if there weren’t some barriers lurking somewhere in the depths of our minds – Maybe Spring is a good time to expel a few!!

(And a good time to learn how to take a decent selfie and tweet!)


( Ready to go to the ball  –  selfies always look slightly abnormal don’t you reckon? – big head and googly eyes!)

I’ll leave you with a little hilarious tale of an evening of jazz.

As you know I love a little jazz – So last Saturday evening, my very ‘rock chic’  friend, Susan and I decided to go the Bulls Head in Barnes for a little jazz and to check out the local scene. Now the Bulls Head is known as one of the few hidden jazz secrets in London and can be a really happening place, so we were expecting a jolly good evening.  We arrived to find quite a large group of elderly men gathered about outside and I whispered to Susan that I hoped it wasn’t just full of old fellows. She assured me that a young, cool looking dude was at the door, so in we went. Once our eyes got accustomed to the darkness it soon became very apparent, that yes indeed, it was packed to the hilt of very old fellows, the youngest probably being around the 70yr mark. How we laughed and laughed as we sneaked into a corner, rather conspicuous with both age and gender! Talk about being the odd ones out! It was the equivalent of finding a couple of Chelsea Pensioners at a cupcake decorating Hen’s do in Brighton! Still we had a jolly good evening hiding in the corner, for there really is nothing as good as the very sexy saxaphone and Peter King is certainly a master. Regarded as one of the best he sure did have a loyal following – albeit an ancient male one! 

And hey, we shut our eyes, sat back and relaxed and could easily have been in the meatpacking district of Manhattan, or the cool east side of Berlin with the young and trendy, or even New Orleans where its about as authentic as you can get. Jazz is jazz and we loved it!


Ladies, Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for  our new Spring / Summer collection and if you want to get a head start and order a piece before anyone else – do  pop in and see us in the studio! We have some totally amazing clothes that will make you feel unbelievably fabulous – for as you know there is nothing like being wrapped in the softest, drapiest silk that slithers on and makes one feel like they are wearing virtually nothing – so light and delicate is it! 

Oh how a beautiful silk makes me smile….. along with fabulous colour, good design and of course a generous splash of sunshine! 

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