Spring Treats

Naughty Little Pleasures!

Spring Treats

That title will make you smile – for we all have them. The little things that make us giggle and feel alive and mischievous. They are of course always slightly naughty – for on the whole, they are very indulgent and completely wicked!


That hand dipped chocolate truffle from La Maison Du Chocolat, or a sliver of Bleu d’Auvergne – one of those succulent soft cheeses that just melt in your mouth.

Or perhaps a glass of one’s favourite champagne, or an hour in a hot, steamy bubble bath.

Or an afternoon off work to go shoe shopping instead of slaving away in the office writing reports….and then succumbing to a pair of Jimmy Choos, when the budget was for a pair of Clarks. Oh, the list could go on and on.

jimmy choos

 Delectable shoes from Jimmy Choo!

Right now, the greatest treat I find myself wanting to soak up and enjoy is the sunshine.

Every time a ray peeks out from behind a cloud, I race out for a walk with the dogs, trying to get as much sun as possible in case it disappears for yet another month.

How we’ve survived this infernal winter I have no idea. I reckon we could count on one hand the number of days when the sun has been out for a full 8 hours this year. Not good, let me tell you, for a Kiwi girl with a love of long hot days and sunshine. I swear, I have never looked so anemic in my life and were I to hit the shores of my homeland right now, I fear the shock of my pallor would be misconstrued as illness.

Manly beach

Manly Beach Sydney – My home down under!

Last weekend, the sun came out, and not to miss one single ray of it, I skipped out, with a friend to one of our favourite spots on the outskirts of London – Petersham Nurseries. (Just on the Thames near Richmond) A place of flowers, heady fragrances, lazy afternoon teas and exotic cakes – a place, in other words to indulge in some of those wicked little pleasures!


I love the colour of these primroses – pink merging with lemon – Very scrumptuous!


Flowers mixed with ornate chandeliers and rusty old mirrors -Fabulous!

For those who have been there I do not need to tell of it’s allure – of it’s magical old glasshouses, that exude a rustic charm and arty appeal. Of ginormous antique pots filled with deep cream narcissus whose fragrance fills the room with a heavenly aroma. The beautiful cafe with it’s tin tables and delectable fresh food and the wonderful selection of potted plants and flowers and other fabulous bits and pieces for sale, set in such a stylish display as to tempt even the non plant lovers.


A glasshouse filled with antiques and plants! 

Lucy and I indulged in a fabulous tea – she had Victoria sponge oozing fresh cream and jam and layered in strawberries and edible purple pansies. Not being able to eat wheat, I tickled my taste buds with a grilled aubergine and feta salad which was both delicate and decadent all at the same time. The colours of both dishes were a feast in themselves with vibrant pinks and reds and greens; many ingredients coming straight from the very gardens and hothouses around us.


Mmmm, jam and cream with strawberries and pansies.

It got us talking about colours and nature and what hues go together

and why we don’t wear such vibrant colour combinations as are found in plants. Why do we as humans tend to go for muted tones or dark shades, especially in the long cold months.

Walk down Oxford street in the middle of winter and the crowds of people merge into one big blur of grey sludge and then wow – right in the middle you will spot a brave soul in a hot pink fuchsia coat. She’ll stand out and look amazing.


I love pink hydrangeas.. and white ones.. and for that matter, purple as well!


So my dear curvy readers – my old challenge for you once again…. make one of your special little treats this spring be something bright and colourful – I dare you! Wear something different, something you haven’t contemplated before, something that will bring a bounce to your step!

 Perhaps a fabulous vibrant blue or fiery red dress, a tropical tangerine top, a lustful lemon scarf or an intense green pair of shoes! (Do such shoes exist?) Time to break out of winter and get in the groove – spring is here and with it comes colour!


Kick up your heels in something new! – One of our splendid 1950’s dresses.

And as for all those other ‘naughty little pleasures’ this spring – well enjoy! I am not about to share what mine are, so I hardly expect you will divulge yours either !!!

Question mark

p.s – and no, don’t worry, we wont be measuring those indulgences next time you come in for a fitting! 

But then again, we might just have to!!

p.s.s For Petersham Nurseries check out their website at http://www.petershamnurseries.com

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