Winter Blues



Fashion shows, Photoshoots


and Flu!


('Whispers of Seduction' in plum)


Well, well, to write a blog about flu is rather unusual I know – but honestly ladies, this year has been nothing short of ghastly. What with nano viruses, noro viruses, rota viruses and every other kind of virus going, it's a wonder any of us are still standing.



(Lucy ready for make-up)


The last few weeks seem to have brought one thing after the other with all of us here on the verge of being wiped out. We've soldiered on bravely of course – all in the name of fashion – but honestly the year so far has been nothing short of an interminable plethora of viruses with names that are best left in Wikipedia!



(Putting the finishing touches on Jada)


February, admittedly, is my least favourite month of the year. I'd like to  permanently remove it from the calendar – for in the Southern Hemisphere it is so unbearably hot that one's literally sticking to their clothes with constant sweat. And of course here in the Northern Hemisphere it is so unbearably cold that with so many layers of clothes on one ends up looking like a Michelin Man.

This winter has really tried us all.



(Our studio looked pretty dusted with snow)


Through all the rain, sleet, snow, nasty colds and gastro bugs, however, we have somehow survived and have delivered our feisty new spring collection. Buoyed up with Lemsips and paracetamols – our models, hair and make-up artists, stylists and our hardy photographer pushed through the barriers and worked their magic on the catwalk in Feb and then in the studio at the start of March, to deliver some truly gorgeous photos for our new collection.



( Dressing room mayhem at our photoshoot)


I can honestly say that whilst it was close, no one collapsed or fainted – so these pics should be brought to you with the tag

 'No-one was hurt whilst filming'



( Lucy looking gorgeous in 'Purple Pranks and High Jinks')  


(The make-up process is long and tedious – but a chance to sit down!)


So where is spring? Peeking around the corner waiting for an opportunity to appear – I hope!  And when it does come, we have some super sexy dresses for our curvy customers who like dressing with flair and plenty of quirky originality.



(A completely different look – 'The Sophie Siren Loren'  An all in one stretchy top and shorts  )


Two of my favourite dresses – 'All A Twitter' and 'I Dream of Paris' – are completely irresistible. Made in the style of one of my favourite fashion eras – the 1950's – these dresses are gorgeous.

If you are game ladies, I dare you to wear them with a ruffled silk tulle petticoat underneath to give a little volume.  What fun – to hear the swoosh of all that ruched fabric as you walk and feel soft silk against the legs.



('I Dream of Paris')


One dress I couldn't resist making, just for fun, is 'Goodwood's Green Giggles'. I have a bit of thing for checked fabric – I love the girlish cheekiness of it, the humour it evokes. One cannot wear it without feeling like a naughty little girl – caught out doing something mischievous. I have visions of wearing it to Goodwood's Revival this year!  There might be a few of us in the same dress though, going by the response we have had in the last few days since it first appeared on our new spring website.



('Goodwood's Green Giggles') 


Lastly I have to say, the dress I feel most ardent about this season is the very seductive

'Je t'aime ma belle'.

Oh the feel of its soft silkiness sliding over your head enveloping you in pure luxury.

 I am waiting for the right invitation to appear, to then slither into it and enjoy its decadence.

With sheer sleeves and shimmering top it is perfect for that special evening out!



(Victoria captured out the back of the fashion show at Shoreditch Town Hall wearing 'Je t'aime ma belle') 


And as for this nasty wet, cold, windy, flu filled weather we are suffering with right now, well I am sure it will improve one of these days – but if you are still feeling a little rotten, you could always cheer yourself up with one of our new summer dresses – and be ready for the day the sun arrives!



(The gorgoeus ' Wild Flower Party '  worn by Lucy)



 (Celina, our most experienced dressmaker, sewing the very sample that Lucy is wearing above)

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