The London Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Preview of Carolyn de la Drapiere’s Spring Collection, launching March 2013

Fashion Show, Shoreditch– London 18th of Feb

Carolyn de la Drapiere helped make history by participating in the inaugral ‘ London Plus Size Fashion Weekend’ – and what a fabulous 2 day event it was. Curvy women from all over Britain and indeed Europe came together to celebrate fashion designed and made especially for girls sized 12 and over.


Organised by two inspirational women – Remi Ray and Rianne Ward, the weekend was a great success, kicking off at the fabulous, Beach Blanket Babylon Bar in Shorditch and culminating in a spectacular fashion show at the Shoreditch Town Hall. Thirteen different ‘plus size’ designers showcased their designs to a roaring crowd of appreciative women.


Carolyn was delighted with the show and the diversity of clothes that were shown – from the latest teenage fashion – to her own classic day and evening wear, which was given a resounding applause from the 400 strong audience. The response to Carolyn’s well cut clothes made from beautiful silks and luxurious fabrics was immense. ‘ Curvy girls love well made, beautiful clothes as much as anyone,’ says Carolyn. ‘ It is a passion of mine to offer original, elegant and truly stunning clothes for women over a size 12, whose shape and size do not fit the average size bracket of clothes generally available’ – And the women at the show, certainly agreed with her sentiments!


Jo Swinson, minister for women and equalities, opened the weekend with a speech which suggested the fashion industry could learn from such an event.


“Twice a year the fashion community descends on London. And rightly so, because we have a huge amount to be proud of with London’s fashion industry.


“But I think it says everything that is wrong with the industry that you have a plus-size event for women who are size 12 and over. It shows the fashion industry is not yet appreciating the diversity of beauty in this country,” Swinson said.


It will be an amazing day when the Plus Size Fashion shows are welcomed into the main events of London Fashion Week – We’ll certainly all be celebrating when that day comes!


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