London Plus Size Fashion Show.

A Starry Fashion Show


a pic in the paper!

Fashion show Feb - blue and pink dress 2

(The photo of Hayley wearing  'The wild Flowers' Party' dress

 that featured in the Daily Mail – Monday 18th of Feb)

WOW – My dear curvy readers, you are hardly going to believe it, but one of our new summer dresses made it into the paper, on a size 16 model, alongside photos of slim models at the London Fashion Week!

Can you believe it?

With all those pictures of hundreds of skinny models wearing thousands of outfits at London fashion week, a photo was included of a beautiful curvaceous model!

I have to say that shock reverberated through me when I opened the paper and my eyes alighted on the photo of Hayley wearing 'The Wild Flowers' Party' dress.

Wonders never cease – I could hardly believe my eyes!


(The photo that was chosen from the Plus Size fashion Show!)

So how did it all happen?

Well, Carolyn de la Drapiere took part in the first ever London Plus Size Fashion Weekend. (Read our latest news page for the 'official' story)

What a weekend we had – press events at the very racy Beach Blanket Babylon Bar in Shoreditch, followed by a day of meeting more press, fashion bloggers from all over Britain and Europe, and curvy women from London and beyond who had all congregated at the Shoreditch Town Hall for a day of positive, empowering and confidence building fashion fun!

fashion show - olivia in Black and White - feb 2013

(Olivia wearing our new blazer and twist skirt –

as seen online in the fashion sections of the Independent and Guardian)

What an inspiring crowd of women who gathered for the show – hundreds of attractive girls of all shapes and sizes (not to mention plenty of gorgeous men!) packed into the town hall for a fashion show that delighted and stunned the audience. The range of clothes shown from the 13 designers involved was extreme – at times wild and at other times outrageous. There were also the beautiful, elegant designs, that I prefer to design myself. The range was impressive – a little bit of this and that for everyone.

Fashion show Feb - lucy moore 2

(Our sumptuous new green spotted vintage dress)

Fashion show Feb - red dress 2

(Luxurious red lace in a stunning evening gown)

fashion show - gold dress - feb 2013

(Glamorous and sexy – our new gold sequinned evening gown)

fashion show - Patterned dress - Feb 2013

(Dazzling with colour – one of our new slinky silk dresses)

As usual with fashion shows, the backstage chaos was apparently beyond comprehension with models changing outfits in under a minute.

One of my models came out with the belt on back the front and the brooch completely in the wrong place. When I saw her at the top of the runway about to walk down I felt like jumping up and dressing her properly, but as I was in the middle of the front row, it would have been far too embarrassing for her and me, so down she walked looking all higgledy piggledy.

Oh dear….

fashion show - blue dress - feb 2013

(The dress that came out all wrong – but still looking pretty!)

Another evening dress in green, ended up on the wrong model and looked way too big – which indeed it was and once again I cringed. But ladies, what can one do – for it's all part and parcel of a first time show. In a room the size of a cupboard 20 models were pushing and heaving and clothes were being thrown off and on with great abandonment, time was of essence and quite frankly it was amazing that the girls came out with any clothes on at all, such was the craziness of the dressing room.

Fashion show Feb - green evening gown 2

(Gorgeous in green silk)

Ingrid and Jodie, who were out the back dressing our models, emerged afterward swathed in sweat and looking utterly exhausted as if they had just run a 20 mile marathon such was the madness in that backroom!


(Ingrid and Jodie looking relaxed before the fashion show!)

It was all a load of utter fun though, with great contacts made and fabulous publicity in papers and blogs all around the country. So girls, you simply must join us next year at the next event, for it was a day to remember and a jolly good laugh. Not to mention the place to view plenty of fabulous new outfits for the spring!

My Favourite Outfit of the Night!!

One of our new evening gowns in black silk, French chiffon and sequins – as yet to be suitably named – Any suggestions will be considered!

fashion show feb2013 black dress 2 fashion show feb2013

Stunningly worn by Victoria.

Photographs courtesy of Gavin Chapman.


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