Dressing for Spring

Dressing For Spring.


Coloured-Shoes-dresses-5 June-2013

(What to wear to a party?)

Went to a very chic party on the weekend – talk about a fab event with the girls dressed to the nines and the boys looking smashingly handsome. I spent a lot of time secretly checking out all the girls’ gorgeous outfits. What a mixture of styles though, making it impossible to pin what the key ‘look’ for a summer party actually is these days.

Were you to be zapped down from outer space and quizzed on what year you thought it was, it would be tricky to say. Basically it seems these days you can wear anything!

For starters, there’s all these retro dresses about that ooze old Hollywood glamour. I just love them, with girls looking like girls in feminine curvy dresses that show off nipped in waists and sensuous cleavages. The accessories are lovely – a saucy clip placed in the hair or a large statement brooch or necklace – perfect.


( A one off 1950’s frivolous party dress we have just finished for one of our super glam customers – She’s planning on wearing it with very high pink pointy stilettos! Made from a Swiss embossed cotton it really is gorgeous.)

Then there is the ‘mini white dress’ look that can only be pulled off if you have perfect pins and plenty of fake tan. Mixed with a little lace it can look pretty sexy, especially if you are young! Oh, it’s popular this spring if you dare to go for it.


The little black dress is always a hit – summer or winter – especially the classic cut with its simple, elegant line that makes the wearer feel fantastic with her figure beautifully draped in a manner to drool over. I wore one myself in a succulent silk double crepe. We’ve been selling them like hotcakes this year, so I thought I should finally road test one myself and I’m sold! Absolutely beautiful. Why have I not worn one before?


I noticed, at the party, that this mad conglomerate of styles merged together though when it came to the shoe selection on offer this spring. The colours out there are reminiscent of a sweet shop filled to the max with brightly wrapped temptations of confectionary. When we all hit the dance floor late in the evening and started to shake our booty and do a few moves, the high heels were soon flung off to be replaced with the little flats hidden in handbags, or barefeet – dare I say it, and the heels piled in a corner looking like a collection of jewels. There was every colour going… blues, yellows, fuchsias and tangerines – how delectable!


Coloured-Shoes-3-June-2013(Colours galore, a different one for every day!)

L.K Bennett has certainly taken the coloured shoe trend to heart – check out their website ladies if you are still lusting after a patent leather court in some mad hue. The choice is brilliant and a totally refreshing change after the completely boring ‘Nude’ craze favoured by Kate – Duchess of Cambridge. 


Wanting to find more authentic and original retro patterns, I spent a hilarious afternoon with my luscious friend Louise last week, sitting on the floor of her ‘jewel’ room looking through her grandmother’s old sewing patterns from the 1940’s and 50’s. Louise specialises in vintage jewellery and has accumulated a collection to make any jewellery lover’s mouth water. Surrounded by cabinets of sparklers we giggled our way through piles of fragile paper patterns with me being sorely tempted to make them all up to see them in their full splendour. I need a new dress for some upcoming events – but which one to try and how will they adapt from a willowy 1950’s 30B cup figure, to a curvy 2013 36GG cup figure?  Mmmm – might need a bit of creative ingenuity to pull it off , but it is worth trying. I quite fancy a real retro look – fitted, tight and hugging the curves – with a flirty skirt perhaps!


Coloured-Shoes-patterns-2-June-2013(Hidden gems – Old Vogue patterns)

 Thinking of events to dress up for…..


A couple of weeks ago I did two evenings back to back with musical shows. The style of fashion worn to each was so extreme that I am still smiling at the contrast. The first evening I went to La Boheme at the London Coliseum, where the audience were dressed elegantly and with a certain modern slickness – which I love. The opera is one of the few places left where one can still go dressed for the evening. With men sporting a smart suit or jacket with or without ties, and women donning their latest little dress and best pieces of jewellery, everyone looks so splendid. Observation of favoured dress style of the night seemed to go to the tunic dress and depending on fabric choice can – in  my opinion – be either lovely or terribly boring. I would like to report, however, that on this occasion the tunics were mostly lovely!


The next evening of musical treats saw me rocking at The Rocky Horror show where the majority of the audience were dressed in the most outrageous costumes imaginable. Men were spilling out of corsets and were tottering about in high heels that were too small, whilst women were dressed in three piece dinner suits and glittering hot pants. Oh what a spectacle! If only I had snapped some pics. It was completely titivating and outrageous. I had no idea the show had such a following of die-hard supporters. What fun it was to see them all!


So which did I prefer? The pathos and poignancy of Puccini’s La Boheme or the completely over-the-top madness of The Rocky Horror show? Sorry opera buffs but in this round the Rocky Horror show definitely won hands down. I have not laughed so much in ages, it was a real tonic, especially after the somewhat elongated and drawn out death of Puccini’s poor seamstress Mimi in a cold Parisian attic the night before.


So dress wise ladies – the conclusion I have come to over the last few weeks of socialising and galivanting about town and checking out what the girls are wearing this Spring, is that the fashion style at present is so vast that it all boils down to wearing what you feel fabulous in and being confident enough to pull it off. If you look through any fashion magazine be it Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, the message is clear – Go for a style you like, there is plenty of choice and have fun in it!


The one thing I can definitely say though regarding spring fashion, is that a pair of coloured shoes is simply a must!


P.S. Someone asked me the other day what I thought of men’s fashion these days. Mmmmm… Interesting! The funny thing is – I don’t really know. I don’t look at men often enough. I’m too busy looking at women and what works and what doesn’t to take much notice of the fellows. Sorry guys – I bet you are  beautifully dressed and I just don’t notice!

(Although I can say, that there is nothing I like more than a well cut suit on a devilishly handsome gentleman!)




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