Richmond Theatre Photo Shoot!

Photo Shoot at Richmond Theatre.

theatre-6-sept-2013(Outside Richmond Theatre wearing a selection of our new jackets) 

Richmond Theatre was the choice location for our Autumn / Winter photo shoot 2013. What a fabulous day we had running amok in the stunning old theatre that has been the backdrop for many a glorious play and the set for many a thrilling movie!

Let me give you a sneaky little preview of some of the more fun pics that were taken throughout the shoot! 


theatre-3-sept-2013(In the Royal Box looking glamorous) 

I have a thing for theatres – having worked in them many years ago as a director of plays and musicals. I love the tangled web of corridors that weave around behind the stage, rooms going off here and there, filled with mirrors and lights, dusty old props randomly left leaning against walls, costumes hanging from every available space, wigs, powder, make-up, shoes, tights all tumbled together in tiny spaces, with people vying for room and a sense of camaraderie as actors and actresses get ready for a show.



(In the Ambassador Lounge having a laugh!) 

Most of all, however, I love the world of make believe. The slipping into a character and forgetting the reality of life as it is. Of being able to escape into another life story even for a few hours – of dressing and behaving like someone else, maybe from another era or a different lifestyle.

theatre-4-sept-2013(A bit of a French look happening here!) 

My love of theatre and characters and make believe reflects my own very eclectic taste in clothes. I have no set ‘style’ that I prefer. I am equally happy dressed in a smart pinstripe suit one day with equally smart court shoes and chiffon blouse, the next day decked in a 1950’s lace dress with pointy high heels and the next in a leather biker jacket with tight jeans and knee high boots. I love taking on different characters, different looks, different styles. Makes life fun and that little bit more unpredictable!


 theatre-5-sept-2013( Hanging out in the bar area of the theatre)


This eclectic taste has spilled over into my 2013 Autumn / Winter range of dresses and jackets. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, added to a whole pile of fun and tonnes of wild imagination! In other words an outfit for every fantasy and dream a curvy woman may possibly have. The key essential element, however, in all my clothes is the feminine touch, showing off those glorious assets that we all have! Whatever yours is ladies – make the most of it – a swan like neck, glorious bosom, nipped in waist, curvy hips, round sexy bum, elegant ankle – we all have something to enhance – find it and enjoy it!



(Showing off a bit of cleavage!) 

And so dear curvy girls  don’t be surprised if you find me tucked in the corner of a little music venue, in some obscure part of London this winter, tapping my foot to some sultry jazz wearing ‘To Russia with Loveliness’ or then again, perhaps you will come across me wearing ‘The Mrs’ Sexy Smoking jacket’ sipping cocktails from a teacup in a secret Speakeasy. Or then again – you may just happen upon me wearing ‘ A licence to Thrill’ whilst dining with a handsome gentleman in a plush Michelin star restaurant! (In my dreams!) Whatever the occasion though ladies, don’t be afraid to indulge in a little bit of fantasy – dress up for the occasion and enjoy it!


( A big Thank-You to Richmond Theatre for allowing us to shoot in such a fab location!

Photos by the very talented Gavin Chapman

Hats by Milly)

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