Time away….

A week to plot and plan!

Oh what joy to escape London for a short working holiday by the seaside. Needing some fresh sea air and some inspiration I packed my two dogs up and a case full of sketch books, magazines, fabric swatches not to mention samples of buttons, lace and ribbons and disappeared to a favourite little cottage on the Isle of Wight for a week of peace and quiet.

There is nothing like a change of scenery to get ones creative thoughts flowing, and so with a good many meandering walks along the beach, with the dogs chasing seagulls and tennis balls and me dreaming into the cold sea air of evening gowns, cocktail dresses and party pieces an amazing amount of original work was done.

You really wouldn't believe what can be achieved when you take a break from everyday life in the studio, when all those rolls of fabric, patterns, trims, and just general stuff feel like they are going to cave in on you. Just to escape the lot, with only a small handful for that little piece of stimulus is heavenly.


(My dog – Buttons, helping with some work!)

So what new, wonderful dresses will be coming your way in the spring?

Well how about some of the following:

 * Full flowing, truly magnificent red carpet dresses to make your mouth water.

* Sexy little cocktail dresses that are just so shapely and elegant.

 * Spring dresses that will make you want to dance straight into the warm weather that is going to come soon…. ( we hope)

* Special dresses for that extra special event – weddings, parties, the races or even a night out with your favourite man!

So if you indulge in one of these gorgeous pieces, just think, they may well have been come to mind during a stroll on a cold wintry beach….where the body was wrapped against the elements but the mind was a million miles away ……dreaming of a hot summer to come and all the fun it will bring with it!

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