London Vintage Textile Fair

A Treasure Trove of Vintage Clothes…….


Shut your eyes for one moment and imagine you are in a room full of wonderful treasures from days gone by.

* A black satin evening bag, lined in a gorgeous pink silk, intact with mirror and compact, that once graced the arm of a young lady off to her first ball in 1920.*

* A pair of 1940's brogues that belonged to an energetic wren going about her war work.*

(A look at the heels tells the story of much walking)

* And a pair of dainty blue satin shoes that she kept for nights out dancing.*

(The toes are worn – I wonder why?)

* A tea dress in floral silk, so finely sewn by hand that one can hardly see the tiny stitches. The waist is minute and the pleating faultless. All made by someone sitting patiently for hours stitching one miniscule stitch after the other.*

The room buzzes….. people rummage all looking for that little something that is different, quirky and completely unique.


A dress with an amazing design and pattern.

A hat with an original take on millinery.

A bag with a style of its own.

A brooch that oozes charm.

These days, when everything seems to be mass produced more and more people are wanting that original one off piece that sets them apart from everyone else, just to be different and little less like a clone.

Personally, I love the vintage textile fair that takes place once a month in Hammersmith. Some of the stands make me sneeze I have to say, but on the whole it is awfully inspiring to look at clothes , jewellery, hats, gloves, bags, shoes that were made up to 150 years ago. The artistry and skill that is evident is inspirational.


And if you are into checking out people and what they are wearing it is a great place to hang out, for there are always fabulous outfits on stunning women to be seen. Everything from the 1920's – 1980's … the complete works – from silk stockings to frivolous hats, full circled skirts to paisley shirts, you will see it all in full splendour!

For me, I always come away with a little piece of inspiration, that new idea that may well just make it into the very next dress you decide to buy!

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