Happy Easter

Happy Easter !

Is it ever, ever going to get warm? We seem to be knee high in mud and the rain keeps coming, but the daffodils are out! And when they show their bright happy faces the warm weather must be on its way surely.


But then again, maybe not.

Maybe it is not time yet to put away all your winter woolies and get out all those light summer clothes you have been longing to wear.

However, with Easter here and a good long 4 day weekend, we have tonnes to smile about.

Easter Saturday and I meet up with friends Andrew and Ally and my gorgeous little Goddaughter, Ella, at the Barnes annual duck race where a very large number of rubber ducks are raced down Beverly Brook. Talk about great excitement. In aid of charity the ducks are dumped by the bag full into the brook and rapidly disappear under the bridge down the stream to the finishing line. The crowds cheer on the little yellow ducks with great gusto. Who needs the Oxford to Cambridge Boat race when you have rubber duckies racing for first position?


(Ally, Andrew and Ella)

O.k….so it wasn't that exciting. The crowds soon dispersed and made their way down to the river for the big boat race. Would it be Oxford or Cambridge? Would someone plunge into the Thames for a bit of a swim and get hauled out by the local police? Ah what excitement for the afternoon! The anticipation kills! Finally the boats go past and within seconds it is over.

Cambridge Win.

(Personally I am more interested in the truly sublime striped blazers worn by the Oxford and Cambridge supporters in the accompanying boats. How smart they look and how I would love one!)

Another charity event in the evening, this time at the Royal Albert Hall, in aid of the 100's of orphans in Haiti. How sad it makes me feel when children suffer. Suffering from hunger, illness, poverty, loneliness, lack of families, or indeed love and affection is difficult for anyone at any  time in life, but for children, who should have the future ahead of them and be surrounded by people who care, life can be extremely difficult.

A wonderful charity named 'SOS Children's Villages" is a large organisation that looks after orphans the world over. Their aim is to place all abandoned or orphaned children into family based care, rather than into large impersonal establishments. Stepping into Haiti after the terrible earthquake earlier this year, SOS have housed 600 orphaned children in two villages that lost their parents as a result of the earthquake. Their work is immense and just so beneficial.

It was therefore wonderful to support the concert organised at the Albert Hall to help raise necessary funds.  Not that it was a chore in any regard as the Albert Hall happens to be my favourite music venue in London and the concert was superb!

For More info on SOS children's villages please check out their website on



Easter Sunday and Monday….Time to do some serious fashion research!

My good friend Lydia and I head for Paris, No. New York, No. Maybe Milan….  No…

I am having you guess here….

We go to Hastings!


Where better than to check out a bit of Trendy, Arty, Hippie Chic fashion all mixed into one!    We had a great time, as the old part of Hastings has a fabulous Arty feel to it and really has some wonderful shops, pubs, cafes and in general superb people watching.


(Lydia lurking behind a floral arrangement in Butlers Emporium.)


If you go to Hastings, the old town, you will find an an eclectic mix of small independantly owned shops all fascinating in their own way. Make sure you check out Butler's Emporium, a wonderful rustic shop that was previously an old fashioned hardware store. Keeping all the original fittings the new owner has created an atmosphere of vintage style nostalgia mixing new items displayed in the very unique display cabinets that may have been made over 100yrs ago. A real joy to visit.

Were we inspired in Hastings? Yes, definitely. It's always fabulous to find new places where creativity and originality abound and Hastings had plenty of each.

The Easter holiday was therefore both inspirational, relaxing and a time of reflection. Nothing better than good friends, lots of fun, mixed in with a little exploring.

I hope you all had a fab Easter as well .

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