The Luxury of Corsets

The luxury of Corsets.

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Oh what fun to be laced into a snug, perfectly fitting luxurious silk corset.

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And that is exactly what I did last week, for I met Dee, Lynda and Heather of Twin Cheeks Corsets who specialise in the most glamorous and most truly divine corsets imaginable.

In their lovely studio at Ascot and with an excellent selection of styles to fit different shapes and sizes, one of the ladies will personally fit each customer to ensure the right fit has been achieved.

Feeling very shapely and standing tall I was pulled into a selection of corsets in the most wonderful array of fabrics. Lynda and Heather explained the importance of getting the correct fit, on lacing the back panel of the corset properly and on choosing a design that both suited your height and type of shape. Obviously the size of breasts and bust/waist ratio are important factors in choosing a good design.

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After looking through and trying on a selection of various shapes and styles, I chose a gorgeous black silk fabric covered with deep fuschia coloured roses. – Divine.

So where did corsets come from and why wear one today?

Paintings of women wearing corsets have been found dating back to the Neolithic age. They have also featured in paintings from the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

In fact, if you look at the history of women's fashion they have played a major part in women's lives for 100's of years. At times they have been hidden underneath outer garments, or flamboyantly shown off as garments in their own right.

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At one time corsets were made with such restrictive whale boning, and laced so incredibly tightly that the health of the women wearing them was a concern for doctors. The ladies that wore these could hardly breath let alone sit down for too long in them. No wonder they had the vapours and were given to fainting!

Women succumb to these little inconveniences however, to look wonderful, for corsets pull in the waist and give volume to the bust line. The definition and shape of the body is sublime when properly corseted.

I am sure no fainting goes on at Twin Cheeks. Those days have gone and with the current trend for wearing corsets as magnificent pieces of clothing in their own right, you will find a great selection to choose from.

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For Curvaceous Women Corsets are fabulous. They give fanstastic shape to the body, can enhance a superb cleavage and can look equally great worn casually with Jeans or dressed up with a skirt. If the wearer does not feel comfortable with bare arms and neck on display a little shrug or pashmina worn over the top looks great.

Keep an eye out for my next Winter collection 2010 when you will see some stunning corsets worn with the popular Louis the 14th Velvet Jacket.

The effect – Superb!

Check out the Twin Cheeks website go to:

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