Christmas Party Dilemmas……



HELP …..

You have a wardrobe simply bursting full of clothes. The door doesn't even shut for goodness sake and yet simply nothing in there feels right to wear to 'The' party tonight.

You have nothing, nothing out of all those assorted garments to just ' slip into'

Zero clothes in a bulging cupboard.

The cute little black dress you thought you would wear just doesn't hang right, you fling it off.

The  'in'  look for the season – the 80's big shoulder jacket, that you bought in a moment of mad modern haste makes you look like a freak, off if goes.

A favourite midnight blue slinky top that you always feel good in, is suddenly you realize, still at the dry cleaners.

The slightly see through chiffon wrap with the plunging neckline brings on waves of bad  memories – a disastrous date.  Hide that one on the bottom of the pile.

The trusted old green number that you used to ..oh so love.. feels terribly out of date, besides you wore it three weeks ago and everyone will remember. Charity pile for that one.

Your bum looks big in the little sexy silver skirt and your oh so slimming trousers are suddenly tight.

Nothing, simply nothing is right.

It's like you've hit zero fair and square.

Your best friend, Julianne is wearing red and you simply can't wear the same colour as her, so you shove the red velvet dress back in the wardrobe without even trying it on.

Angie has a new sequin top and you don't want to look like you're copying her, good bye then to the black sequin number.

Oh dear…despair grips you. You have half an hour to walk out the door.

Suddenly the bedroom is piled high with clothes, tops, trousers, dresses, lace, silk, velvet, nothing is right. There are garments flying around the room. Coat hangers litter the floor. You have changed underwear numerous times thinking that may be the cause of the problems. You feel pudgier than normal.

There are shoes scattered everywhere. Red, Black, Blue, Silver, Grey, Gold – you have tried the lot.

You feel exhausted.

Your hair and make up have suffered badly in the chaotic clothes changing uproar. How does Madonna do so many costume changes in a two hour concert you wonder and still manage to look so calm.

Your partner arrives in the midst of the flurry.

Don't, whatever you do ask him for his opinion. (If he is like mine he will give it to you anyway)

He will tell you what he thinks you want to hear, not want he really thinks, which is :

"For goodness sake everything looks great".

You try to keep focused.

And then it all becomes too much. You give up. You decide you're not going to the party. The clothes issue has defeated you.

Deflated you flop on the bed, the sad pile of rejects around you.

Tears threaten to flow.

You did so want to go the party, but you simply have nothing, nothing to wear, nothing works.

And then you decide….. this is never going to happen again…ever.

Next time you go to a party you are going to work it out days before and make sure everything fits. That you have the perfect dress, the right tights, the matching shoes and that you look fantastic.

But what about tonight?

In a last attempt to go to the party you pull on a lovely floaty top that once had the compliments flowing. And as you pull it over your head and down over your body, you hear a ripping sound………you are now two sizes bigger…whoops.

Despair not fair maidens it wont happen to you, for you will plan !!

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy all those fabulous parties looking a million dollars.

p.s. A little secret my dear friends……… I write this from experience!!!

I recently went to a party where I planned to wear a wonderful red silk top from next Winter's collection, only to find that I couldn't get it over my bust. It simply got stuck half way over my boobs and I felt like Houdini for a good five minutes wrestling with it to try to get it either off or on. Tut tut…… my wonderful sample machinist had forgotten to put a zip into the side to allow entry! Not good 🙁

Don't worry – there will be a zip in it by next Christmas – easy entry and exit guaranteed !


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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