Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!


Ladies, I hope you have all had a wonderful day, and have been spoilt rotten with flowers and chocolates and were, of course, impeccably dressed in clothes that reflected the mood of the occasion. (As in the jacket below!)

We can dream of such delights!!


( Vintage designer jacket spotted at Vintage Fair – Kensington 13th Feb)

Have to say this jacket did make me giggle…… It was quite an outfit I must say, with hearts all over the skirt as well. Oh to wear such a statement piece – maybe one has to be young and full of optimism  when it comes to matters of the heart, to want to wear such a piece of clothing and literally have one's feelings plastered all over one's sleeves so to speak!!!

Another item that made me giggle at the time, and that I can't quite get out of my head, was not a piece of clothing, but rather a quote I read on a vintage card in relation to love.

It is as follows…….

Love and you shall be loved. All love is mathematically just, as much as two sides of an algebraic equation.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, to be honest, I must admit I was a little baffled by this quote… it was the 'algebraic equation', that really threw me! Maths is not one of my strong points, so not wanting to be ignorant about such things I googled it to see exactly what was meant.

This is what I learnt!!

 "In mathematics, an algebraic equation, also called polynomial equation over a given field is an equation of the form

P = Q

where P and Q are (possibly multivariate) polynomials over that field. For example


is an algebraic equation over the rationals."


Well now ladies……………..

I am honestly no further ahead…….

And it all sounds so horribly unromantic ………

Think I will stick with cup cake recipes that are not quite so complex!



I did see lots of lovey dovey couples this weekend at the Bridal Vintage Fair in Kensington that looked like they were

'Algebraic equations' or 'Polynomials' !!

I popped in for research sake to check out a selection of vintage wedding dresses, for later this year Carolyn de la Drapiere will be introducing a wonderful collection of beautiful bridal gowns designed especially for the curvy lady who is looking for something elegant and unique.

Some lovely pieces spotted at the fair…………..


(A selection of gorgeous lace dresses)


 (Vintage Valentino)


(Vintage pearls and handbag – all very essential for the vintage bride)

So what news at Carolyn de la Drapiere?

Spring 2011 collection will be available on-line from the 4th of March.

A wonderful collection of bright colourful dresses and tops await you…all in line with the 70's trend that will be big this year.

Some new stylish, shapely jackets that will be perfect for spring temperatures are awaiting to be revealed.

And …..

Our new workshop is up and running at full steam.


 We have been pleased to welcome a steady stream of customers popping in to buy clothes, look through our sample rail at special prices and, most importantly, to be fitted for bespoke pieces.

Our showroom is still not totally completed and the grand opening is a little way off, but please do come and see us. We would love to see you!


And now,

Back to that mathmatical quote that is still bothering me……

Maybe it means nothing more than the mere fact than it takes two to tango ?

Well, that's what my conclusion will be anyway, for there is nothing more romantic than a little dancing!

Argentine Tango

(Click the above link for a short sexy clip! )

I wish you all a wonderful day, with lots of spicy dancing!


Spotted in my garden early this morning – the first crocuses of spring! How they cheered my soul for their colour was radiant, and their arrival means warm weather is finally on its way!

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