The sequin Party…..


Ooh la la…the sequins shimmied and shone last night at a party I attended in Knightsbridge. I have never seen so many sexy little outfits glittering around a bar as were worn by the girls on Friday night.

Let me tell you all about them.

Gold and Silver sequins were a hit .

Lots of cute little metallic coloured sequin sleeveless tops with plunging necklines worn with sleek black trousers and metallic shoes. The look was superb.

Black sequins – EVERYWHERE.

In boleros, camisole style tops and would you believe sequin skirts! They looked so slinky. And I also noticed black trousers with sequin strips down each leg…really sexy.

Coloured sequins.

One gorgeous woman had a wonderful 1920's style top made from blue sequins. The colour at the top was a sublime aqua and subtly changed to a dark navy blue at the hem line. Talk about gorgeous.

So why were all the sequins out?

Well ladies…my thoughts on the matter are that the weather is so dreary at the moment that literally everyone thought they were going to fight the winter blues with a whole lot of sparkle.

The effect was DIVINE……

And I must add that the sequins had a ball for they swirled their way through some fairly raunchy dance moves and made the most of the down lights for they twinkled their way into the hearts of many an admirer!

Good on you girls….keep the glamour up all winter.

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