The Wolseley


Today I slipped into one of my all time favourite places in London, The Wolseley.

Officially I was there for a business meeting over a cup of coffee, but in reality whenever I step foot through those old doors I get transported to another world.

A world in which the Great Gatsby, with his affected English accent belonged, had he of course been in London. I could just imagine him waltzing in with the lovely Daisy on his arm.

She would be wearing a wonderful dropped waist dress typical of the flapper era, maybe a long string of pearls and maybe a hat.

great gatsby

I think of Gatsby due to his love of fast cars, for The Wolseley was of course a very grand showroom for Wolseley cars.

But getting back to fashion….

The 1920's was an amazing time of change for women's fashion. The loose style dresses gave women greater ability to actually move about with more ease than ever before. Clothing was also massed produced for the first time in history. New fabrics were being made, new designs and life on the whole was changing for women. The vote of course was to women over 18, there were moving films which contributed greatly to fashion and there was jazz!

One of the tough things about 1920's fashion was that the ín' look was for very flat chests. Bras as we know them now did not exist at all. Most were home made camisoles and gave no support at all.

So what happened with the likes of us large chested women?

Easy solution.

The big busted beauties simply bandaged their chests up as tightly as possible to make themselves as flat as possible. The pain factor must have been rather intolerable.

Somehow when I sit in The Wolseley it all comes to me – cars, fashion, music, architecture, literature and films of the 20's.

I feel incredibly inspired by the black and white patterned floor, black pillars and gold accents and of course those wonderful light fittings.

Oh I forgot to mention…

  • The coffee and cakes at The Wolseley –

  • Simply divine!


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