Nicoletta Adda

Nicoletta Adda

I would like to tell you about the very lovely and incredibly vibrant Nicoletta Adda, whom I have had the privilege of recently meeting. Her enthusiasm for life and for looking great is inspirational.

Nicoletta is an Image Consultant / Stylist with pizzazz. The confidence and enthusiasm with which she discusses the suitability of clothes and 'looks' for a particular person is infectious and shows a brilliant knowledge and understanding of shapes / colours / styles. I have enjoyed chatting with her about clothes and how they can enhance a person's best qualities immensely.

N Adda photo-1

Here are a few tips from Nicoletta.

How to look Good and Feel Great.

          I ncrease your visibility
M ake an impact
               A chieve a wardrobe that works
             G o shopping with an Italian
                          E xpress yourself with confidence & style

For more information about Nicoletta Adda and her Image Consultancy please check out her website at

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