Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes….By Nicolina

Shoes glorious shoes……..

O.k….. here comes a confession!

I love shoes.

Am mad about them in fact.

Shoes of all colours, shapes and styles, but particularly shoes that are quirky, individual and have an air of originality about them.

There is nothing I love more than discovering a new shoe shop somewhere in the world,   walking in with great anticipation of what may be held within its walls and having ones eyes alighting upon a glorious pair of heels like none other.

For there sitting on a shelf awaiting your arrival is a pair of stunning shoes so completely different to anything you have ever seen before that the heart almost skips a beat!

You know you simply have to have them.

The best places for such 'shoe'  pleasures have usually been in the obvious countries like France, Italy and Spain. You know, those little shops you happen upon down a tiny alley in Paris or Barcelona where a new shoe designer has set up shop and an array of beribboned works of art (being the shoes) line some dainty shelves. 

You don't have to go overseas though for there are a few other secret locations to explore right here, maybe under your very nose, if you also love finding something completely different.

Check out:-

Vintage Fairs – Fabulous shoes from 1800's to present time

(maybe rather threadbare- but heavenly)

Ebay -I recently found a beautiful pair of Chanel brogues

(never been worn – divine!)

Village fêtes – You would be surprised what turns up.

 (My Pink sparkly 1920's dancing shoes – no label but soooooo cute.)

Charity shops – Gasp – But wonders never cease!

(Vintage Dior – Only to be looked at and drooled over!)

Yes, some of the shoes I've succumbed to from the above list are more museum pieces than every day wearing…. the courage to actually go out in a pair of bright apple green high heels for example, from the 1950's surpasses even myself, who is on the whole quite game!

So why the topic of shoes today?


I have recently had the pleasure of meeting the very effervescent Nicolina from Nicolina shoes.

Working as a team Nicolina and her husband Jeremy Angelis design and create beautiful shoes for women who love luxury footwear.


Made from the finest materials and manufactured in Italy the shoes are beautiful.

I was very impressed with the fact that whilst the shoes are very glamorous and elegant, they are also incredibly wearable with a wonderful heel height…. Meaning high, but not too high.

How many of us buy that gorgeous pair of shoes that feel great in the shop only to discover that they are in actual fact too high and uncomfortable to walk in. They sit languishing sadly in the back of the wardrobe hoping to get out and be shown off but never do as the pain factor is just too intense.

So there is nothing like shoes that look great and can be worn comfortably. And imagine finding a new shoe designer right here in London.

I was thrilled. Gorgeous,elegant,trendy wearable shoes!

To check out Nicolina's website go to

nicolina shop

Wimbledon Village.



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