Diane Ellis – Style Coach

The Diet and Fitness show….. with Diane Ellis.


On Saturday morning myself and two gorgeous models, Jenny and Yoka joined forces with Diane Ellis at the Diet and Fitness show.

Diane, an incredibly vibrant and enthusiastic Style Coach, gave a presentation at the show entitled “Low Calorie Dressing”

The talk was fabulous and very inspirational. It focused on dressing well to suit your body type, making the most of your clothes and choosing styles and colours to contribute to a more confident you!


(Jenny in Colonel Pickering, cream blouse and Loius the 14th Red velvet jacket)

Diane also spoke about choosing clothes that are cut well and have essential elements to enhance the figure and to make the wearer look trim and elegant.



(Yoka in Dangerous Liaisons)

This is of course where “Carolyn de la Drapiere” clothes excel, for it is always at the top of my mind when designing clothes to make shapely, figure enhancing pieces that show a woman's body off to advantage. As you know, I do not make clothes to hide in!


 (Carolyn in Louis the 14th vintage fabric)



The models therefore, and myself, showed off a small selection of clothes that illustrated the different body types and how to enhance the curves.



(Jenny in Purple Suede Jacket and short black skirt – from next Autumn's collection')

I have to say the girls looked fantastic in the outfits, displaying their wonderful shape and curves rather spectacularly.

Have you ever wondered when watching models strutting there stuff and looking so ultra glamorous, fabulous and well put together what goes on behind the scenes?

Well, I can't resist giving you a small insight into today's events…. it was rather hilarious.

And great fun I must say……

With much laughter we changed outfits behind a rather short/flimsy curtain that was more or less in the public domain and could be seen by anyone who happened to be walking past the presentation area. This happened to be an awful lot of people!


( Dressing Jenny!)

With the help of the very efficient Constance we all somehow managed to pull on and off trousers, skirts, dresses and tights in the space of what can only be described as a very small wardrobe. It was virtually impossible to bend down to do up shoes and what a sight the public must have had – for they could view us changing from the knees down. All sorts of items of clothing coming off and all sorts of other items going on. I think I noticed a couple of spectators at one point – especially when the tights were going on!


(Still dressing Jenny)

How we managed to actually emerge looking half decent is remarkable. There were no mirrors anywhere remotely in the vicinity, so we had to rely on each other to ensure all was in order before heading out.


(….and finally Jenny is dressed – well not quite!)

So there you have it- not the glamour you thought it would be, but such fun!


 (Yoka relieved that it's all over! And looking great in the purple high flyer)

If you were at the presentation, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and a very big Thank- you to Diane for inviting us to join her.

For more information on Diane and how you can benefit from her style coaching please check out her website on


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