Happy New Year

Well Hello to a New Decade!

The noughts have gone and the teens are here…..

And I can only hope that they are not going to be too petulant or problematic as teenagers can be, but rather bring health, wealth and happiness to each and every one of us.

For curvy women, what does the future hold?

Will the new decade bring a host of greater choice to our wardrobes? Will 'thin' go out of fashion and 'curvy' come into vogue?

I somehow think it is unlikely when the great and mighty such as Selfridges close down their plus size department for reasons of “image.”

Body shapes are changing though, and whilst there is still the aim to be stick thin amongst many, there is also a greater movement for more normal women to be represented in the media.

With the top selling German Magazine “Brigette” leading the way, thin models have been banned and real women are being used in their place.

According to Andreas Lebert the Editor, "The Magazine is looking for women who have their own identity, whether it be the 18-year-old A-level student, the company chairwoman, the musician, or the footballer," he said, adding that he wanted a mix between prominent and completely unknown women and would look out for politicians and actresses interested in modelling.”


And then of course there was 'the' photo of the curvy model in Glamour Magazine, September 2009, which dared to show some plumpness and caused such a stir. Apparently the magazine had more sales and more positive comments than ever before.

So who really knows what the fashion future holds for women of different shapes and sizes.

Does it really matter?

For are there not more important factors in life?

Our lives pass by so rapidly, to therefore make the most of each and every moment is of paramount importance to me.

To value those I care about and to make as much time as possible for them is of essence for it is the people in my life that matter more than any possession life can bring.

To be aware of and to care for those whose life has not been so fortunate is equally vital.

To be blinkered in life is to be ignorant, and ignorance breeds misunderstandings.

So an open mind and to understand, is my aim.

And Fun. There must be fun and lots of laughter – so very, very essential!

All so much more important really than what is in fashion and what isn't…

…would you not agree?

Much better to enjoy life, celebrate who you are, be confident and happy and make the most of each and every day!


Happy New Year Everyone.

And to all of you who have made New Year resolutions,

I hope you can keep them!

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