New Website, New Collection – Autumn 2014

Wow Ladies – we are  all a twitter and ready to celebrate here at  the Carolyn de la Drapiere studio for not only do we have a glorious new collection of clothes for Autumn and Winter we also have a fabulous new website. Gone at last is the cumbersome old website that was a nightmare to navigate and in it’s place is a modern, easy to use site with superb photos of all our luxurious luscious clothes.

Photography by Tony Rusecki, London based photographer

Oh we are loving the fact that we can now see the details, the texture of our fabrics, the seductiveness of the silks and intricacy of our handiwork. The colours for winter are vibrant and the styles, heavenly.

Autumn is overflowing with blue – succulent royal blues that match the sky and big baby blue eyes. Also popular is soft pale blues that are beautiful and powdery and subtle in their elegance. Then of course there is everyone’s favourite, navy blue. Oh how we love the depth and warmth of a true navy for it cannot be beaten for bringing a glorious glow to a pale winter complexion.

Winter’s must have colour is none other than rapturous red. Red in all it’s vibrant hues are forever irresistible. Deep maroon red with all it’s opulence positively oozes luxury and we have a number of must have pieces for you in this ravishing, scrumptious colour. And scarlet red – alluring, powerful and totally tempting… how you can you ever resist the ultimate temptation of a saucy scarlet little number for that oh so hot Christmas Party that is coming up in a couple of months time?

And then of course there is Black, the must have little black dress, the optimal picture of elegance. A simple design, stunning fabric, a superb, shapely cut to give an exquisite line to create a garment that is gloriously glamorous and yet understated all at once. We have some fabulous new designs for you that will turn you into a captivating tease!




Photography by Tony Rusecki, London based photographer



Have a fabulous winter all my dear Curvy Girls. Enjoy the Christmas activities in Style and party your way into the New Year

Love Carolyn xxx

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