Lonely Hearts With Sargeant Pepper


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Lonely Hearts With Sargeant Pepper

Oh how we love our gold braided jacket for it is a little reminiscent of Michael Jackson,and a little bit of the Beatles, but overall it is our own, very original design and is very ‘Carolyn de la Drapiere.’

We covered our black silk jacket in as much gold braid and buttons as we could fit down the front to give our jacket the full military look that is hitting the fashion scene everywhere this winter. Shaped to fit the curvy woman and made in a long line style to cover the bottom – we think it is spot on for the fiesty fashionista that is size 14 and over.

Made from 100% medium weight silk and lined in luscious silk lining this piece is luxury to wear, while being great fun and over the top dramatic. You wont get lost in the crowd in this piece!

Designed and made in London

Dry clean only.

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