Studio launch

The Showroom/Studio is Completed…..

well nearly!


(The main feature wall with the monstrous velvet frame which took Renata and I hours and hours and thousands of staples and hot glue – literally, to make!!)

This past weekend has been super exciting as we have had the launch of the new studio with a big party on Friday night and an open day on Saturday.

Full details of the party with photos will be coming soon as Kerry McNair, our professional photographer, took lots of great pics. I thought, however, that I would give you a little glimpse of the studio in it's nearly completed state – with some of my amateur photos. I say nearly completed, for there are still some little bits to do, but we are getting close to completion at long last!

It has taken months of work to turn our very grubby space that was once a stable for horses and bales of straw into a fabulous studio for designer clothes.

So here goes with some boring before and after photos!


The empty room – cleaned of it's initial grime!


How the room looks now, with  desks and shelving and the biggest mirror possible I could fit through the door. It was a mammoth task getting the mirror into the studio and an even bigger task getting it attached to the wall – it took three men and one woman (me) and a complex system of pulleys to get it up onto huge hooks!


Racks of clothes with pics hanging from our latest 'Wedding' photoshoot at Barnes Church


As you know, I love details, so the curtains that line some of the walls are edged in antique pearl buttons – all painstakingly hand sewn onto an old silk ribbon.


(The little doorway – yes, one must slightly stoop to get in – if you are over five foot four!)


And how it looks now!


Empty ……


Under construction…..


 And finished – with a cute changing room!


Yes…even Buttons has a new matching bed – where she wiles away many happy hours snoring!

Many of you have visited us whilst we have been under construction and have had to dodge ladders and pots of paint, whilst trying on clothes! I can now say there are no such hazzards when visiting, so please do come and check us out in our completed state!

Look forward to seeing you all!


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