The Barnes Fashion Show 2013

Curvy Beauties

and the Barnes Fashion Show.


Carolyn de la Drapiere once again hit the runway at the Barnes Fashion Show to raise money for a selection of local charities. Now in its third year the show was bigger and better with the local church bursting at its seams as the crowds took their seats for this highlight of the local calendar.



My Barnes fashion show blog last year was somewhat embarrassingly, as you may remember, a rather lengthy rant on the discrimination my curvy models experienced behind the scenes – and whilst I will spare you the gory details of this year’s trivia, I will not disappoint you, my dear readers, for as always I will share a few little intrigues that unfolded at this year’s show!


Barnes-FS14-2013( Heidi,Suzi,Kathryn and Tia with hair done arrive back at the studio to dress!)


As a result of a few necessary diva moments on my behalf in the pre-fashion show meetings, our models were this year promised equal treatment on all fronts – Hip Hip Hurrah – what a moment – it seemed like we had won a major suffragette movement!



(Getting ready for the show – This photo makes me giggle – no not my funny face – but Tia checking out her boobs behind me!)


This year we were given an hours rehearsal before the show – Victory – So the models rehearsed with all the concentration of a professional troupe. Then it was off to the hairdressers to be coiffured and crimped – Fabulous.


 (The rehearsal!)


Finally we all packed into the studio to dress.

What a buzz the studio was with its twinkling lights, soft furnishings and mirrors that reflected the fun and frolics of eight gorgeous girls as they slipped into the finest of dresses.

Gowned in lace, sequins, silk and chiffon we were ready to hit the catwalk with much sparkle and elegance!



(Sian and Kathryn – in Make-up mode!) 


Let Me Introduce You To Our Eight Stunning Models.


* Professionals in the modelling world – the very beautiful – Kate, Tia and Sian.



(Kate looked beautiful in ‘Captivating Claridges’)


(Sian dazzled in ‘The Charms of Cleopatra’)


(Tia took the catwalk by storm in ‘Dream a little Dream in Lace’) 


* Introducing my dear friends, the luscious Heidi, Louise and Kathryn.



 (Heidi shone in a newly designed red brocade jacket with short sequin skirt and lace camisole. Louise looked ultra sexy in our very popular ‘To Russia with Loveliness’ dress.)



(The very saucy Kathryn in a low cut version of the stunning ‘Shirley Bassoon’ Dress.)


* And two very gorgeous customers of Carolyn de la Drapiere and new to the catwalk –

Suzi and Sonia.


( The ultra glamorous Suzi wearing the floaty silk Chiffon dress and jacket – ‘The Dashing Duchess’)


 ( Sexy Sonia wearing our Twist skirt, angular cut sequin top and our best selling jacket – Audrey’s Sultry Trench in Fuschia.)


How fabulous they all looked as they walked with grace and ease and a little cheekiness down that catwalk.



(Love the walk Louise!)


It was two thirds of the way through our catwalk routine, whilst the models were all on stage that disaster struck and the continuation of each years scandal came our way. With no warning what-so-ever, our carefully choreographed routine was brought to an abrupt halt as the music stopped and the lights dimmed. Left in the darkness the eight girls were left to totter off in their heels hoping not to trip and fall as they made their way off the catwalk in complete darkness.




Well, well – it just wouldn’t be the Barnes Fashion show if there wasn’t that element of scandal! And were I to explain the whole saga in detail it would make for reading as intriguing as a good episode of a Coronation Street. Might just have to write it one day and reveal all!!

 As it is, the whispers going round the village at the moment are that next year, Zach Goldsmith will be ousted from the job of opening the show, to be replaced by none other than the Lord Mayor of London himself – Boris! Mmmm…. now that opens up a whole plethora of scheming for the trouble makers that blight our show! Watch this space in twelve months time for the next installment of ‘The Barnes Fashion Show Dramas’!


In the meantime – Watch the super video clip of us all at the show – The Link is on the ‘News’ Page! 



A big huge Thank- you to all who made the show possible.

To my lovely, adorable models who once again walked with style and elegance.

To George Ward for Photography –

Ryan Quadri for producing a fabulous video

Thank- you! 


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