The Royal Wedding

Royal Festivities….

and Lots of


Oh what a splendid day of hilarity and good humour we all had as Catherine and William wed.

Spotted in the local knitting shop the funniest wedding scene.


The happy couple!


The Queen and her corgis – very cute !


The entire Royal Family

It was such great fun to socialise with piles of friends and neighbours, who had decorated our street, to get together to celebrate the happy couple.


Pics of street party.

Wedding-street-1 Wedding--Moray-Watson

Moray Watson and his glamorous daughter, Emma.

Being from New Zealand, I have never witnessed a street party before, so have to say it was wonderful to experience such a fun event!

And the day wouldn't have been complete without celebrating my dog Button's 7th birthday.

As I love birthdays and spoiling people I couldn't resist making her a dog food cake !


  O.k – yes she is only a dog – but she loved the attention….


Buttons sitting patiently waiting to devour the cake !

* Hope you all had a fabulous fun day as well *

And P.S – Loved Catherine's wedding dress- was absolutely gorgeous! Philippa's 'Head Bridesmaid' dress was truly divine and just so elegant.

Checking out what everyone else wore to the wedding was great fun…. Have to say some of the outfits were amazing and some others were nothing short of horrendous!!!


No, not guests at the Royal Wedding,  but models at our latest photo shoot in our new range of

  'Occasion Wear'.


The glamorous new range will be available within the next two weeks!

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