Autumn Arrives


Autumn arrives, winter beckons, the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. Invitations for parties and balls start appearing through our mail boxes and the excitement for Christmas begins!

‘ Clothes Glorious Clothes’ ladies are all needed for these wondrous occasions, for this winter we all want to dazzle and shine as we waltz into all the fun coming our way.

We have a fabulous selection of event wear for the curvaceous beauty who is looking for something stunning for those special occasions that need to be enjoyed with confidence for that ladies is the key to beautiful dressing the feeling of confidence that one looks lovely and can therefore just sit back, relax and enjoy the event without having to feel fearful that the clothes are not right, or do not fit correctly or are somehow inappropriate.


It is my greatest pleasure to make women feel good about themselves. Clothes that fit perfectly, enhance a woman’s figure and make her feel fabulous is my aim for every customer that wears a piece of Carolyn de la Drapiere. My philosophy for dressing well, is that we should be able to put on an outfit that feels heavenly, then be able to completely forget about it. One does not wanting to be thinking about their clothes all evening, but rather the fun that is going on around them.

What will I be wearing this winter? My favourite flirty, fabulous dress of the season is ‘ Whispers of Seduction’ the slinky black version that hangs beautifully and just feels amazing to wear. It is perfect to slip into and forget all about. So amazing do I find this dress that I have had it made for myself in 5 colours – short versions and long versions, round necks, ‘v’ necks – in deep scarlet, paisley purple and sparkly black. Cinched in with a belt it feels great. And for a huge number of ladies who have tried them on in our showroom, the attraction is just as quick. Be warned – this dress is addictive! Wear them to work in the short version, parties in the longer version and balls in the sparkly floor length version.

For a more traditional evening wear look I love the red version of Lacey kisses -with it’s shot lining and luscious lace. It has a lovely seductive air to it. Very glamorous yet classical in its simplicity and elegance. I plan to wear mine to a few events this Christmas.

The jackets we have this year are also a huge highlight. Such an array of original, fun jackets to choose from that can be all adapted from day wear to evening wear. We have a number of curvy girls who are having them made a little longer and are wearing them alone with leggings and long boots – the effect being super sexy! I haven’t worn my Lonely Hearts jacket yet I am just waiting for the right opportunity to come along!


Whatever the occasion is girls, remember we can alter any of our clothes just for you. Most can be made in an assortment of colours and can have any number of variations made to them in order to suit and fit you perfectly. Let this be the Christmas that you sizzle with sexiness as you sashay into that Christmas party feeling like the person you really are! No hiding in the back corners of the room or avoiding the limelight due to ill fitting clothes that lack pizzazz and shine.


All our clothes are made in London by talented dressmakers sewing to a high standard of excellence. Couture finishings mean the clothes look as good on the inside as they do on the outside and have the longevity that outstanding quality brings. Invest in something special this winter my curvy beauties and enjoy the pleasure it brings!

Best Wishes for a Fun Filled Festive season – lots of love, Carolyn xx

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