Carolyn de la Drapiere Shines at the Ideal Home Show

Fashion Show Earls Court – London March 17th and 18th.

What an event – Gorgeous models attracting a great crowd and creating an electric atmosphere as Models of Diversity strutted their stuff at the Ideal Home Show Fashion show.


It is always a privilege to work with Angel Sinclair and her fabulous team who advocate equality of models of all shapes and sizes, ages and nationalities. I admire her work immensely and it is always fun being involved in one of her events.

Carolyn de la Drapiere was privileged to dress the stunning plus size models that graced the catwalk. I totally enjoyed designing individual pieces for each of the models – to reflect their personality and to show off their fabulous curves to advantage!


Emily Carenza is a gorgeous model who I was asked to dress for the event. It was a huge honour to be asked to provide clothes for her to wear and to have her walk for me on the catwalk for she showed my clothes off to perfection.


I dressed Emily in a number of pieces that I thought would best capture her character. A short, flirty black dress with lace inserts, that showed off her nipped in waist to perfection. A black chiffon top with big luscious red roses that fell rather seductively off her shoulder, and then a sumptuous beaded evening dress that she literally smouldered in and looked completely ravishing. The gasps that was heard in the crowd as she walked out showed the appreciation the audience had for her and just how stunning they thought she looked!


Lucy Moore is totally serene and a real gem. New to modelling since winning ‘ Miss Anne Summers 2012’ she is still a little shy when walking down the catwalk– however the playfulness and fun side of her personality shines through – her infectious smile and twinkly eyes say it all!


I dressed Lucy in the most beautiful green shot silk dress that literally made her glow, She looked nothing but heavenly as she appeared on the runway, with the audience clapping loudly as she walked to the end, looked the photographers straight in the eye and posed beautifully.


The audience appreciated the fact that plus size models were present – representing a large proportion of women who often find it difficult to find beautiful, well cut clothes that show off their figures to advantage. There is nothing I enjoy more than dressing curvaceous women, making them feel good about them and confident in the clothes they are wearing!

Photos courtesy of James Lyon Photography.

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