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The Ideal Home Show


– Fashion Show –



Earls Court – London,  March 17th and 18th 


The biggest home show in Britain opened its doors to thousands of people flocking in to see the latest technology for homes of the future. Lights that switch on and off with a click of the fingers, home stereo systems that start their melodic vibrations with a mere flick of the eyelids and blinds that go up and down with nothing more than a voice command. It was all happening at the Ideal Home Show.




In the midst of all these amazing contraptions of modern life was a fabulous catwalk hosting a series of fashion shows – I think perhaps it was set up for women feeling a little bored with gadgets and furturistic technology and all those other things that boys love and girls start to yawn over.



(One of my plus size models – Lucy – having her make-up done. Wearing our vibrant – 'Tip Toe Through the Tulips' – Top. Lucy is a size 18.)


Carolyn de la Drapiere was asked to participate in a series of shows over the weekend organised by Models of Diversity. A fabulous organisation that advocates models of all ages, shapes, sizes, nationalities and abilities.  We of course were representing the models who are considered plus size, and are far too big to model in the normal modelling world, but who in fact fall into the category of normal sized women. Healthy, fit size 14 and 16's. It was interesting looking around the audience of two – three hundred women, for well over half the women present were in actual fact this size and above.



(Model Mellisa – in one of our new evening dresses – 'Riveria Rendezvous'. Mellisa is size 16)


What a couple of days Ingrid, my assistant and I had, tearing about from the make-up room, to dressing room, to stage, hauling dresses on and off our gorgeous models who retained a sense of humour throughout.  Day one, Saturday, saw Ingrid and I both dressed up in good clothes and high heeled shoes, day two our feet were so sore and we were so exhausted that it was trainers and jeans with hair pulled back in complete survival mode – all glamour on our behalf gone!



(Ingrid – my fabulous assistant with Lucy and Emily)


Not that I should have bothered on the Saturday, for the dress I wore, the new tiger print wrap-over dress soon found its way onto a model who was supposed to be dressed by another designer but had not fitted the clothes. A call went out that the model had nothing to wear. Eyes turned to me…did I have a spare dress? Only the one I was wearing.  So within seconds, I was left standing in only a bra, pair of tights and boots wondering what on earth I was going to do, whilst the stunning 6ft model strutted about in my dress looking far better in it than I ever would!  Poor old me, ended up wearing my coat for the rest of the day feeling like a bit of a twit!



(Model – Sonnia in my leopard print dress. Sonnia is a size 14 )


Despite my lack of dress and somewhat dodgy attire, I sneaked out into the audience to watch the shows and managed to snap a few pics!

The lovely Emily who is a complete inspiration. Having recovered from a horrendous accident, and given only a tiny chance of ever walking again has beaten the odds to be back on her feet – modelling and in fact horse riding and training again!



(Emily Carenza with a very seductive pose! Emily is a size 14)


The very beautiful and shy Lucy who has just started her modelling career by winning “Miss Anne Summers 2012”  She looked absolutely amazing in one of my new summer evening dresses with its tripled flounced collar, twisted feature on the bustline and full ruffle skirt underneath. Made out of the most sumptuous sea green silk it is divine.




(Lucy Moore – Looking Gorgeous in one of our new evening dresses – " A Twist In Time ")


The stunning Mellisa Laycy who is always so calm throughout the mayhem and tensions of a fashion show – her ability to stay out of the politics and keep a level head is commendable – and believe me, the politics, tensions, and carry on is something you wouldn't believe until experienced, and something I still can't get my head around! One day, when I am an old dear, I will write that book that is always on the verge of spilling out, and I will put it all in – what a laugh it will be!  Mellisa would be one of the heroines, unscathed by the turbulence around her, beautiful and serene.



( Mellissa in the fabulous purple evening dress – Layers of silk dupion and shot organza give the magnificent collar an air of complete opulence.)


I must not finish my blog about the show without telling you about the male models – tall, gorgeous and oh so vain!  Talk about girls taking forever to get ready, these boys took just as long to have their hair spiked, straightened, gelled, sprayed and then spiked again….and as for the make-up! The full works was applied let me tell you. Caked on with eye liner, mascara, blush, lipstick – they were certainly not going to miss out on looking the part. ( I even noticed one handsome fellow having powder applied to his chest to enhance the 6 pack effect!) End result from all the pampering?  Pretty dashing specimens from a distance, but I must admit I would much prefer a man who was happy being a simple caveman and content in his own skin, than layered in so many products!!





The feedback we’ve had from the show has been marvellous. Women always love seeing real women modelling clothes and looking fabulous. Gives us mere mortals that never have been a size zero, nor ever will be, a real boost.


I am often reminded of the fragility of life from talking to my customers who come into the studio for clothes and who chat about their life and events they have experienced. This week a lovely and very remarkable lady came to the studio for a ball gown. The ball was in honour of her very young, fit, healthy daughter who had unexpectactly passed away due to a cardiac arrest. The fundraising ball the family had organised for the charity that creates awareness for the syndrome C.R.Y was inspirational and I would like to wish them all the very, very best at the event – in their endeavours to raise awareness and in keeping their young daughter's memory alive. Hearing what she had been through was heartwrenching.

  It makes me want to say once again – Seize the day girls, forget about all the lumps and bumps and make the most of what you have and who you are – enjoy life – for it is very precious and passes by so rapidly! 



(Emily and Mellisa – Looking Fab!)

 All the stunning official photos of the fashion show will be on our news page in the next few days – keep an eye out!

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