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Amongst the Turmoil

  there is calm……

Ladies – a somewhat philosophical blog coming up………

Yesterday evening I attended Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor, in the beautiful candle lit setting of St Martins in the Fields. It is a piece of music I have long loved and have indeed sung.


Yet for some reason, last night, it seemed more haunting and disturbing than ever.

Pictures of lost children searching for their parents in Japan kept appearing in my mind. Desolated towns destroyed by monstrous waves and the fury of nature wiping out mankind with such ease seemed to be reflected in the chaos of Mozart's work.

The turmoil in Mozart's mind as he wrote the mass, and the turmoil in the world at present seemed all too parallel and perturbing…..

But then, amidst all the chaos and fury of the music, tiny pockets of serenity and beauty break through and it reminded me of all the things in life that are good and that I personally had to be thankful for.

My mother, sister and aunt had remained unscathed during the floods and cyclone in Brisbane, Australia. My cousins in Christchurch, New Zealand had been unharmed in the earthquake that hit the city earlier this month. All my family and friends around the world were well, healthy and safe.

My heart feels so strongly for all the people in the world today who find themselves facing loss of a magnitude I cannot even imagine – their families swept away, their homes, their entire lives ruined. Yet somehow through it all, life marches unceasingly  on. The resilience of human nature to continue, is at times amazing.

Yes, Mozart captured the mood of my mind some two hundred years after writing this most turbulent piece of music on his deathbed. Maybe he was encapsulating the essence of his own short existence in this his final piece, summing up some of the juxtapositions of life -with turbulence there is calm and with harshness there is beauty.

Which leads me to tell you, that I received some truly wonderful news this past week. Amongst what feels like mini tsumanis and cyclones in my own personal life, my very adorable scruffy black dog, Buttons, who comes to work with me every day, and whom many of you have met, passed her six monthly cancer check up with flying colours. There is no sign of cancer in her body 9 months after she was diagnosed with a malignant tumour and given only 3-6months to live. She is defying the odds and looks to all intents and purposes like there is plenty of life left in her still.

A fact I am truly ecstatic about!!


( Buttons and I enjoying some spring sun!)

And so it was, that as that emotive requiem, with all its darkness mixed with ebullient rejoicing, ended last night, I realized all the more how important it was to make the most of all the truly wonderful things in life – often small and sometimes insignificant – that can bring happiness. And like the finale of the Mass that evokes so many emotions, it seems fitting to say 'Amen'.

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