Girls and their underwear!

Girls just LOVE to have fun!


It is one of the things all women agree on …..

……that we just love to have fun and lots of it!

We love laughing and chatting and gossiping and flirting, and we love special occasions to get all dressed up for.

Every day I meet women who are planning outfits for a wedding, a special anniversary, a day at the races, tea at Buckingham Palace, a graduation, a big family occasion, a night at the opera, a ball, or a very special date out with their partner.

There is always much laughter, anticipation, excitement and sometimes nerves….

But the underlying desire is to enjoy the event and have a whole pile of fun!

But sadly,

We do not all agree on what underwear should be worn underneath these special clothes!


( A well fitting bra – Leyla by Frieda up to a J cup)

Now what, you may ask, is the relation between having fun and the right underwear got to do with each other?

Lots, let me tell you……

Many women spend a fortune on having a beautiful, sexy dress made for that special occasion, they have the potential to look absolutely ravishing, but their underwear literally lets the whole look down!

There can be bits bulging out, or lumps and bumps that need smoothing over, and boobs that are heading a little too south and when the photographs come back of the event and are viewed there are gasps of horror at how unflattering the overall effect has ended up being.


(Nude shaper – up to 4XL)

Underwear ladies is the key to success.

For, with well structured underwear that is smoothing out the body and holding everything in place, you will be able to relax, enjoy yourself, and not worry about how you look and whether everything is as it should be! There is nothing worse than having to constantly re-adjust a dress or outfit every few minutes!

Let's look back in time.


I have just read a fabulous book on the History of Ladies underwear. Much of it was fascinating and utterly hilarious! Importantly though, it quickly became apparent that throughout time women have always loved fun occasions, dressing up and going out and about, much as we women love doing today.


( Picture of a couple around 1798.

Breasts were supported by apodesme – a structure of wood wrapped in linen.)

One obvious difference however, becomes quickly apparent. Up until some fifty years ago, women wore underwear that held them together and in place, often to the point of pain. For they were often tied into tight corsets that altered their entire shape. Their waists were sucked in, their boobs lifted, their hips and stomachs made smaller, until some poor women fainted with the inability to breathe properly.


( This corset aimed to give an " S " shape – with as smallest waist as possible. )

We laugh at this now…..

However, I was reading a gossip magazine some months ago, where it was reported that Joan Collins passed out during a recent party, due to the extreme tightness of her underwear and was taken to hospital.

Not funny!

It nearly happened to me. I went to a rather glitzy occasion a couple of months ago where wanting to look my best, I wore a complete body corset made by a specialist company that is renowned for making women look at least two sizes smaller. At the fitting, I literally had to lie on a couch, whilst a women tightly did up the hooks down the front of the corset. I was pulled this way and that way to be put into this incredible piece of engineering, for that is indeed what it was.

The effect was amazing and my shape was divine. My posture was perfect, my boobs were up where they were meant to be and my waist was the smallest it has been for centuries!!


( An early French corset – where literally nothing could move, so rigid was the internal boning. )

The only problem was, that it would be uncomfortable to sit down whilst wearing it, and there was no way I would be able to go to the loo ! No worries I thought. It was a stand up drinks event and I would only sip minute amounts so that I wouldn't need to visit the Ladies room.

On the big night, it took two friends to help me get into this tiny black corset. With much pushing and pulling, grunting and groaning, I was in, and yes the dress over the top looked fabulous. Sleek, sensuous and elegant in one of my lovely silk dresses, I almost felt like Cinderella going off to the ball.


Well, ladies, do you think I had fun?

No way……

After about half an hour, the pain set in…. my ribs started aching first, and my breathing become a little strained. Then my hips started aching and my breathing got worse. When the back pain started I realized the whole situation was becoming a nightmare. An hour into the party, and I was calling a cab to whisk me home as rapidly as possible to get it off. And what a relief to be able to undo those hooks and actually breathe again normally.

I giggle now at the memory, but it gave me a backache for a week and I am sure my ribs are still crushed from the experience – not to mention the fact that I missed out on a jolly good party! I just hope that someone there had noticed my hourglass figure, for I certainly wont be having it again!


(A figure from 1900 – what a stunning hour glass!)

There is a middle road ladies, between wearing the “hope for the best" bra and knickers that have seen better days, and the all out super tight body corset that makes you gasp…..

Shape wear is in great abundance, it is just a matter of getting acquainted with all the options, and finding something that suits you perfectly.


My latest project is to develop the ultimate, magical, sleek "undergarment" that smoothes the body, lifts the breasts, and tweaks and hides where needed, but is also sensuous in its appearance, and effortless to wear.

What laughter there has been in our studio the last couple of weeks as we have discussed at length all the possibilities for making this dream item into a reality. Should it have a little “Victorian” naughtiness to it? Or should it be modern and sexy in its austerity? Will we have to look like we are Egyptian Mummies to acheive the goal?

At present, it is just an idea on the drawing board, hoping to become a reality later this year. We will keep you posted of this exciting item, that will hopefully hold us all into place!



( Frilly underwear – 1900. )

This blog was inspired by a most amazing lady that visited me in my showroom yesterday. Matilde is 79 years old and was wanting to have a ball gown made for her 80th birthday party in August.

(I asked if I could write about her in my blog and pass on her words of wisdom- to which she whole heartedly agreed, with much amusement!)

Resplendent in a full body shaper that covered her from chest to knees, she had a most enviable figure.

"FOUNTATIONS", she said, "are the key to life!"

"The right foundations under clothes…

The right foundations when cooking….

The right foundations in relationships…."

Slightly mystified I asked her to explain.

“Well my dear”, she said, “With the right underwear on holding everything in place, the dress over the top will look magnificent.

With the right skills, time and patience put into cooking a meal, the food will have depth of flavour and a taste that will tingle your taste buds long after….

And with the right basics – being admiration, respect, love and understanding, a relationship can sizzle with flirtatious fun and hilarity for many a long year…."

“Oh”, I said. “Has this worked for you?”

“Well", she replied, "I have been happily married to Ed for 61 years and we haven't stopped laughing!”

“This must be partly due to all that fabulous cooking", I replied!

“Oh partly", she answered, “But probably more to do with the fact that I have kept him intrigued with a wicked array of saucy undergarments.”

And winking at me, we both burst out laughing!

I just hope I have her positive, happy and very wicked spirit on the eve of my 80th birthday!


(The Stunning Marilyn Monroe -resplendent in pretty lingerie.)

And so it is ladies, that whilst you are out there having fun, in your gorgeous, little sleek silk dresses that are flying off our rails, please oh please think about what you are wearing underneath to hold everything together and up. It really does make a huge difference to your overall appearance.


I hope you are enjoying these gorgeous summer days….

and are laughing with joy at the fun life brings.

And please, keep your body lifted and smoothed with the help from a little Lycra !

(Teamed with lace – of course!)


 Bras shown on this blog are from

Beverly Webb from Beautiful Bosom is an expert in fitting women of all shapes and sizes and has an excellent selection of bras for the larger lady! – I know, for I get gorgeous bras from her regularly. Check out her website for the full selection available.

 Vintage photos are courtesy of "The History of Ladies Underwear" by Cecil Saint -Laurent. 1966


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