Barnes Fair.

The Tempting Delights

of a Fair ! 

There is nothing like a good fair, and Barnes must have one of the best in London, for it has a host of fabulous stands as well as the usual mix of junk – that to me seems more suitable for the tip than a table, but then as they say, to each their own!


Women on the whole though, would you not agree, love nothing more than a good rummage through a myriad of small stands, tents and individual sellers, for we have this little in-built desire to find that tempting, delightful object, or that elusive treasure that may just be hiding somewhere amongst all the usual tat that finds its way into such events. It may be a piece of jewellery that is completely unique and a one off, or a scarf that is old and beautiful, made 100 years ago out of the finest silk, or perhaps something for our home that would look just perfect sitting in the kitchen!  Yes, we are all magpies…for we love to search, find and collect ! 


And so it is , that I love the Barnes Annual Fair, for it always has a good selection of original items to be rummaged through, with the exciting prospect that a treasure will be found.

Up early to get all the machinists buzzing along in the studio, I walked to work via the Fair, just to have a sneak preview of what would be on sale later in the morning. I have to say I was inspired… for there were many stands by women who had started their own businesses,  turning hobbies into money making ventures, doing what they loved doing most and making a real go at being successful business women.

Caroline's Cakes


(Fabulous cakes on sticks and glorious cupcakes – each a small work of art and oh so mouthwateringly pretty! )


( Made by the very clever Caroline Hawkings)

Knowing how hard it is myself to keep the discipline, drive and momentum going when building up a business, I am always inspired by other people who are likewise working hard and striving for the ultimate goal of making a viable business become a booming success. Not always easy, for there are always hardships to overcome and problems to solve on a continual basis……It requires immense determination and inner belief to keep the ball rolling.

Mary McFadden Ceramics


Beautiful pieces of pottery – all individually handpainted and crafted in such an stunning and original fashion !


Here are some of my favourite crafts women / artists turned business women from the Fair!  Such inspiring people! 

(And, as I always carry my little camera with me whereever I go, I whipped it out to take some pics of some fab stands!)

Simone Micallef – Designer Jeweller / Silversmith


Simone's jewellery is amazing. Using precious metals teamed with precious stones her designs are original and eyecatching.

I succumbed to one of her beautiful pieces last year and always wear it with such pleasure !


HotchPotch – Vintage


Gorgeous dainty cake stands made from beautiful old china, plus candles in teacups – all very delicate!

Have to say, I bought a pretty blue and white stand, so that the next time I make a batch of moist, succulent cupcakes – complete with wicked icing ..they will have somewhere decadent to sit, before being consumed !!


( 0208 946 3310 – for details )

Tamara Fogle Bags


The very sexy Tamara with one of her to die for bags…


A display of Tamara's bags made from old flour sacks, teamed with leather – all well made and beautifully constructed.

In fact –

These bags are HEAVENLY!  I know – for I have a couple.

I have to admit that I bought her latest design, a wonderful olivey green bag which is made from the canvas of an old tent.  I love it – the style is classical, yet edgy.


The Poppyseed Bakery


This immaculately iced cake in resplendent blue, complete with tiny iced strawberries was truly magical……..

The cakes looked scrumptuous – and altogether totally delectable!


Lindy Barletta Ceramics


Fabulous colours and fabulous designs made Lindy's pottery completely irrisistable !


Later in the day I met up with a friend of mine, Carole, for lunch. We sat on the edge of Barnes pond, not quite the delights of sitting by the Mediterranean somewhere basking in the sunshine, but we had a good gossip and giggle, and our conversation as it does turned to the subject of men !!! 


  Now, not sure ladies whether you have ever observed men at fairs, but we came to the  general conclusion that on the whole, about 90% of the men looked somewhat grumpy….and would prefer to be at home watching sport! Or for that matter would rather be sitting quietly in the local pub with a good pint of beer and a paper and be left to their own devices, rather than pushing and heaving through a seething mass of mainly females to squash into a tent to look through what they must see as complete nonsense! 

  How we giggled at the poor fellows being hauled around!! Tut tut…. We should not have laughed… just because our husbands were safely nowhere in sight… hers last being seen eating hamburgers and chatting to a friend far away from the mad crowd, and mine safely ensconsed at home with his feet up watching the football.

We decided the moral of the story was – for a good rummage, one must ditch the partner and keep it an all female experience! – Unless of course, you have the good fortune of having one of those rare men, that has the patience and good humour to tolerate much searching, deliberating and hunting!


(The normally quiet Barnes, crowded with tables, food and people all serenaded by an assortment of bands.)

I must end with a photo I took of a fabulous stand full of recycled wooden boxes. These belonged to a gentleman who was too shy to be in the photo, and who I regret to say, forgot to give me his card. Sadly, I do not now know who he was, for his handiwork was brilliant and his boxes divine.


So did I find that elusive one off treasure?

No, not today, for real treasures are so extremely rare and are immensely difficult to find – one may search for years…….

But when you have the fabulous, good fortune to find one, they become all the more meaningful and precious… something to keep and value and treasure forever!

(** Much like finding that amazing partner in life !! ** )


Barnes Pond.

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